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Home Entertainment

4 Reasons Not to Take Your Indoor TV Outdoors

Tweet Picture this: You’ve just spent a year putting together the perfect outdoor area. You have your covered patio, an outdoor bar, a gazebo, yards and yards of gorgeous landscaping.

Exterior Decor

Exterior Décor to Add Value to Your Home

Tweet As you go about decorating your home, you tend to ignore the exterior. But the fact remains that exterior décor is equally important as the interiors of your home.

Kitchen and Dining

How to Remodel Your Kitchen and Dining Room

Tweet Either it is too big or too small. A big kitchen means that you get tired just walking around in it. A small kitchen makes it difficult to keep

General Home Decor

Six Decorating Traps to Avoid in a Small Apartment

Tweet However, you may feel stuck between a rock and a hard place when you have to decide between displaying all your favorite prints and knick-knacks, and conserving space for


Tile or wood? All you need to know about kitchen flooring

Tweet Selecting the best flooring is a vital decision anyone planning to own a home must make. Each and every type of flooring available is different and therefore making the


Tile or Wood Flooring – What is the Right Choice for You?

Tweet When it comes to kitchen flooring, there are plenty of options: hardwood, laminate, linoleum, natural stone, vinyl, etc. The one that is most suited for you depends on which

Kitchen and Dining

Renovating Your Kitchen? Six Must-Haves You Will Want to Include

Tweet If you are going to take the time and effort to renovate your kitchen, it’s important to do it right. While there are countless ways to redesign your kitchen,

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Oct 25: Make It a Festive Halloween

Tweet We hope your enjoyed this weekly Sunday tip. Remember, you don’t have to hang all of your holiday decoration every year. Some well-placed home décor ideas that follow a theme


How to Choose Proper Flooring during a Renovation

Tweet You can deal with the situation either on the basis of separate rooms or you can go with one uniform solution for your entire home, barring bathrooms of course.

Doors and Windows

How to Get More Natural Light in Your Life This Winter

Tweet Adding light can be as simple as decorating with sheer fabrics and reflective surfaces, or you can update and upgrade your windows and skylights. Use the space you have


When is it a Good Idea to Remodel the Attic?

Tweet Many potential uses for attic space For those who have had their homes for a while, the attic is a tempting storage space. However, this space can be used

Home Storage

Finding Storage Space in a Small Home

Tweet If you have a home, you need to store stuff too. The issue comes when you have a small home. But you still have those woollens, old toys, books

Home Office

Creating the Ideal Home Office Environment

Tweet Many people find it difficult to maintain their home office, even if they have the space. There are many reasons for this. But in case you cannot have that

Home Decor

3 Creative Ways to Increase the Space in Your Home

Tweet If you are thinking of buying a new house because your current one is small and not able to fit your needs, then learn to make use of these

Heating and Cooling

Homeowners: How to Stay Warm and Cozy and Prepare for this Coming Winter

Tweet Fall is in the air and cooler temperatures will be the norm for next few months. While you may enjoy these cooler brisk temperatures, winter will be sure to

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Oct 18: Your Personal Sun Room

Tweet We hope your enjoyed this weekly Sunday tip. A family member remodeled their kitchen by connecting a large sun room as part of the kitchen area. This room is

Walls and Painting

6 Simple Steps to Painting a Room

Tweet As long as you’re approaching it methodically, everything is going to turn out great. 1. Wash the Whole Room First, get all of the furniture out of the way

Kitchen and Dining

Real Redecorating: What Your Dining Room is Missing

Tweet Some dining rooms are small, while others seem to have too much space. There might be something your dining room is missing, making it easy to start a remodeling

Home Buying-Home Selling

Preparing Your Home for a Quick Sale

Tweet No matter what the current housing market is like, properly preparing your home for sale will make it more attractive to potential buyers. Your home will receive more visits,

Laundry Room

5 Tips To Clean Clothes At Home

Tweet Well, that doesn’t mean to ditch your laundromat or your corner cleaners, but you can expect to remove little spots by your own right? One of the best laundromat