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Yard and Garden

Smart Tips for Eliminating Ticks in Your Yard

Warmer weather has people spending more time outside, soaking up the sun, tending gardens and enjoying wide-open playtime. That increased time spent outdoors also puts people at greater risk of encountering ticks, tiny arachnids that inhabit woody areas, brushy fields and can be found close to your home.

Home Buying-Home Selling

You Can Sell Your Home in a Flat Market

Let”s face it: renovating a home may not be on your list of favorite things to do. Although our main thrust here is home renovation we understand that the best decision for some homeowners is to move, with that new home offering the right size, amenities and look that they want. Besides, when you get to your new home you’ll find a project or two to do handle and we’ll be here to help.


Spring Yard Preparation Done Right

Much of the eastern two-thirds of the continental United States enjoyed a mild winter with an unseasonably mild spring well in place. Warm weather has caused trees to bloom two to three weeks earlier than normal and has awakened flower beds and lawns too.


All About Decks

With the nice warmer weather approaching, many homeowners are evaluating their outdoor space. Many opt to plant a small garden, improve their overall landscaping and some even opt to extend their home by adding on a deck.

Home Financing

Is it Time for a Fresh Look at Adjustable Rate Mortgages?

Say “adjustable rate mortgage” to many consumers and you’ll hear a variety or responses, with not a few being quite negative. That’s because ARMs are associated with sub-prime lending, which was quite common and have been routinely blamed for our current mortgage crisis.

Home Utility

The Top 5 Reasons You Need a Security System

The name says it all; security system. It is a simple idea to protect and secure one of your most expensive possessions. Your home is by far the most valuable thing you own, holds your most prized things, and is the place where you and your family are supposed to be safe.

Home Buying-Home Selling

Short Sale Considerations and Your Home

Millions of American homeowners are under water, owing more on their mortgages than what their homes are worth. If you are in a positive financial position where you can hold onto your home, then you may be able to ride out this present crisis.


5 Affordable and Practical Outdoor Patio Areas

You want an outdoor living area, but a Florida room is too expensive and a deck requires too much maintenance. With these choices nixed, you’re left with just one choice: a patio.

Closet Systems

The 7 Steps to a De-Cluttered Home

After you’ve lived in one place for a few years, it’s easy for things to become cluttered. As American consumers, we often buy more than we need, and much of what we buy ends up in piles in our garages if we’re not diligent about staying organized.

Just Bedroom

4 Teen Bedroom Organization Tips

Your teen’s bedroom is either a disaster or he or she has learned what it takes to manage one’s personal space. And likely with not a little prodding from you.

Driveways / Walkways

Driveways: To Pave or Not

With a finished driveway, you’re always ensured of a smooth and clear surface, weather conditions excepted. With other options you have no such assurance, but you do have one distinct advantage: reduced problems of run off from paving land that once was left uncovered.


Basement Rec Room Considerations

If you’re fortunate to have a basement or its more basic cousin, a cellar, then that is one area in your home that may be underutilized if it is used at all. The advantage of having this space is that it is already there.

Home Renovation

7 Current Trends in Home Remodeling

Do you remember the soaring housing market of the 1990s and 2000s? Of course you do. Those two decades led to the biggest run up in housing prices we’ve seen in our lifetime.

Kitchen and Dining

All About Kitchenware

Whether you’re replacing your kitchenware following a renovation or a general kitchen improvement, or you plan to keep your current wares, there is one thing you know: kitchenware is expensive. Hopefully, you have plenty of room to store all of your kitchen stuff, ensuring easy access and a long life for all of your goods.

Home Financing

How to Obtain a Home Equity Line of Credit

A home equity line of credit (HELOC) is type of revolving credit. When choosing a HELOC, your home serves as collateral the moment funds are withdrawn from your credit line.

Home Renovation

Big Ways to Save on Home Renovations

Is the idea of a complete home transformation lurking in the back of your mind? Are you constantly looking around in each and every room to see what updates or changes you can make? If so, there are ways which you can save big money on home renovations.


DIY Recycled Wide Plank Pine Floors For Less than $1000!

Wood flooring can instantly transform a space from blah to beautiful. It can also cost a small fortune to install.