5 Kid-Friendly Floor Ideas and Your Home

5 Kid-Friendly Floor Ideas and Your Home
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    You just love your children and want to keep them safe.

    You also want their bedrooms to maintain at least a semblance of order, hopefully with few holes in the walls or scuffs on the floor to mar the room's appearance.


Speaking of flooring, there are certain ways that you can decorate a child’s bedroom in a bid to maintain its looks and keep your children safe.

1. Opt for soft tiles. Investing in new wood flooring or carpeting may be a cost you simply do not want to shoulder. Instead, consider soft tiles — square and interlocking sectionals that can add character to any room. Choose bright colors and build your floor covering out. If a tile breaks or stains, replace it with a new one. You can find these as outlet stores including car remnant outlets.

2. Invest in an area rug. If wood floors are already in place and are in good shape, you can transform a room by investing in an area rug. Measure your child’s room, then remove a foot from all four sides. Buy an area rug and center that in the room. You will pay much less for an area rug than for wall-to-wall carpeting, achieving a similar fresh look too. Moreover, you can swap out the rug as your children grow up, choosing a different pattern for their teen years.

3. Paint the wood floors. In any other room, you might never consider painting wood floors, but in your children’s rooms you can. And just maybe you should. Choose a solid color or make a pattern — match the painted floors by taking out one color from the floor pattern and using that on the wall. When your children are older, strip the floors back to its original look or lay down wall-to-wall carpeting for a new look and feel.

4. Use geometric shapes. Perhaps your child’s room already has carpeting in place. That carpet, however, might be dull and offer an unwelcome contrast to the walls. Choose colorful, geometric carpet tiles and overlay these on the carpet. Bold colors can provide the flooring patterns that your children will adore, giving them “math lessons” at the same time.

5. Install softwood flooring. Hardwood flooring is expensive and may not be an affordable option for you. There are softwood choices that are both environmentally friendly and cost effective — Apartment Therapy lists cedar, cypress, fir, hemlock, pine and spruce options that are “far cheaper” and with several coats of urethane can endure.

Flooring Considerations

With small children, the first four choices may be best. For the fifth choice, you might consider reserving this option for your teenagers or putting it in your toddler’s room and using soft tiles or geometric-shaped tiles to protect the floor and enhance the visual interest.

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