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Home Inspections News Releases

Say Yes to a Commercial Property Inspection

Tweet Where you can hire a residential inspector to check a home, your approach to commercial property should be a bit different and involve a team of professionals to give

Green Home

6 Green Home Improvements that Won’t Hurt Your Finances

Tweet Just begin by making a few small changes to go green around your home, and reap the rewards in lower energy costs – and, of course, in feeling good

Bed and Bath

Top 5 Items That Add Style To Your Bathroom

Tweet Before you break out the wrecking ball, try one of these easy and affordable ideas. 1. Start with a chic shower curtain. Hang a new look, and let it

Garden Furniture

You Can Save Money on Summer Outdoor Furniture

Tweet Furniture Prices Yes, fall is an absolutely perfect time to buy outdoor furniture. Since July, prices on patio and other furniture have been dropping as demand has also slipped.

Home Financing

What You Need to Know About a Home Equity Line of Credit

Tweet Borrowing money based on the equity in your home. Working much like a credit card, your HELOC balance can vary as can your monthly payments. Read on and we’ll

Home Structure

Give Your Home a Fall Makeover

Tweet Fall doesn’t have to be a drab time of year filled with muted colors and clunky furniture. Make the most of the season by giving your home a fall

Yard and Garden

7 Quick and Easy Fall Yard Projects

Tweet … presenting perfect opportunities for you to get outside, tackle a few yard projects and still have enough time left in the day to catch a football game, head


How to Remove Old Carpeting

Tweet A Saturday morning DIY project. If your rooms have wood flooring underneath, you may want to consider getting rid of your carpeting and exposing your floors only. Please read

Home Interior

5 Eco-Friendly Home Renovation Tips

Tweet Green living is smart living. “Going green” is very 21st century and not as expensive as you might think. The following are some eco-friendly options for your review. lighting:

Bed and Bath

Different Beds for Different Styles of Room

Tweet Sometimes it’s because there are different members of the family living there with individual tastes, it can be because they have children and they want to make their environment

Home Safety

How to Hold a Home Fire Drill

Tweet Prior to the fire, we had never conducted a fire drill in our three-story clapboard home, but that changed once we were settled back in. Everyone knew their best

Home Interior

How to Remove Stuck Wallpaper

Tweet At the rate that you are going the holiday season will be here and you will be too embarrassed to entertain guests this Thanksgiving and Christmas, unless the job

Bed and Bath

How to Replace Your Toilet

Tweet While many people may feel comfortable with handling a toilet repair job, replacing the entire toilet is more involved and requires such tools as an adjustable wrench, a tape

Home Structure

How to Prepare Your Home For Fall

Tweet With school back in session, business trips planned and sporting events to attend, you will want to handle these tasks as soon as possible, to best enjoy fall and

Swimming Pools

Choosing a Pool for Your Backyard

Tweet Your pool will make your backyard the most popular destination in the neighborhood. Read ahead for more information and guidance for pool installation: Differences Between Pool Types Every pool

Swimming Pools

How to Prepare Your Swimming Pool for Winter

Tweet Of course, if you live in Hawaii or south Florida, you may use your pool year ’round. For everyone else, preparing a swimming pool for winter involves several important

Home Lighting

What You Need to Know About Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Tweet Save money over the long run with CFL bulbs. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, replacing just one bulb with a CFL can save you $6 per year