How to Remove Old Carpeting

How to Remove Old Carpeting
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    Wall to wall carpeting when it is new can be an attractive addition to many rooms.

    But, when this carpet is old as in worn, outdated or simply unattractive, it can become a hindrance to your home.


A Saturday morning DIY project.

If your rooms have wood flooring underneath, you may want to consider getting rid of your carpeting and exposing your floors only. Please read on for some tips on how to remove wall to wall carpeting.

1. Assemble your tools.

You will need a putty knife and a pryer to remove your carpeting. If you want to speed up the process, rent a walk behind floor scraper to remove the carpeting faster.

2. Remove tackless strips.

If your carpeting is secured in place with tackless strips, you can remove edgings and moldings with a utility knife. Stick the pryer under the corner of the carpet and pull it from the strip along the edge of the wall. Do this around the perimeter of the wall until freed from the stripping.

3. Remove carpet tacks.

If carpet tacks were used, you can use the pry bar to pull up one corner of your carpet and pry up each tack. Be forewarned: your installers may have gone overboard with the tacks, therefore enlist the help of one or more people, each with his own pry bar.

4. Roll and fold.

Once you have freed the carpet from the floor, roll it forward tightly and remove it from the room. If desired, use twine to hold your carpet in place — place by the curb for municipal pickup or dispose per your town’s recycling center or waste dump requirements.

view rugs as an alternative for your bare floors

Removal Considerations

With your room now carpet free, you can turn your attention to repairing the flooring underneath. You may need to strip the floor and put on a fresh coat of gloss. Also, your floor moulding may have been damaged as you removed the carpet; fix or replace as needed.

Expect to spend at least two hours removing carpeting in an average-sized room — 10×15. If you have experience removing carpeting, you may be able to get this job done in under an hour. If the carpeting is fixed to the floor with both tacks and tackless strips, plan to spend additional time on this job. Your tackless strips need to be removed as well, a project that can take longer to accomplish than removing the carpet by itself.




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