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Doors and Windows

What Is UPVC And What Are The Benefits Of UPVC Windows?

UPVC (or Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride) is an extremely popular material in building. It is versatile, durable and simple to install.

Doors and Windows

Factor in The Upgrades Before you Sign a New Mortgage

Windows. They probably aren’t high on your list of priorities when you’re sitting down with a loan officer to review a new mortgage – but they should be.

Doors and Windows

DIY: Window Replacement

If your windows are no longer really doing their job – maybe the frames are letting air in, or the glass is starting to warp – now is the time to look into replacement windows.

Bed and Bath

Make Your Home More Livable This Year

You have considered selling your home in a bid to trade it for one that suits your current and future needs, but you realize that the cost of moving, the time needed to make that move and related inconveniences makes this option unappealing. Instead, you have decided to make some changes to your current home, to transform it into something that you want it to be.

Home Utility

How to Save on Energy Costs This Winter

Make no mistake about it: fuel prices will be high again this winter.

Home Decor

7 Fall Organizing Tips

Getting organized is not a science, rather it is an effort. Fall is the perfect time of the year to reorder your home with summer now past and the holidays approaching.

Home Structure

How to Prepare Your Home For Fall

With Labor Day now past, homeowners will be turning their attention to prepping their houses for cooler weather. Winter prep is still one or two months away, but readying your home for fall has its own requirements.

Exterior Home

7 Quick & Inexpensive Home Exterior Updates

Does your house give you the blahs when you look at it from the outside? Short of a pricey renovation, you can do some things to help step up your home’s visual appeal.

Doors and Windows

Window Tint, Cost Savings, Our Environment and You

Window tinting, when it’s installed on a home, is designed to be a protective barrier from unwelcome elements.

Outdoor Structures

Should You Renovate or Replace Your Wood Shed?

Your shed may not have cost you much, but it could be costly to replace. That’s especially so if you have an eye for a new shed that requires a permanent foundation and is of wood construction with hardy plank siding, a center beam and posts.

Energy Savings

6 Little Known Ways to Reduce Your Heating Bill

Tweet How to save money on heat. The months of December through March can have a big impact on your budget. And it isn’t just celebrating Christmas that can pressure

Heating and Cooling

How to Lower Your Electrical Bill

Tweet As you plan your home renovation project, you may be concerned that any expansion of your home’s square footage will present a corresponding increase in electrical costs. These concerns

Doors and Windows Home Structure

Energy Star Tax Credits Expire at Year End

Tweet Are you aware that certain Energy Star tax credits are still in effect? This may come as a surprise to you given the big publicity in 2009 and 2010

Home Renovation

Renovate Your Rental Property & Make More Money

Tweet Maximizing rental income by updating your property. If you own rental property, you have the potential to enjoy significant long term earnings, provided that your income outstrips expenses and

Home Interior Design

Top Tips For Increasing Your Home’s Value

Tweet By Amy Fowler Selling your home can be a stressful experience: not only do you have to worry about dealing with estate agents and brokers, but you also have to

Home Renovation

Beach Home Remodeling and Decorating Tips

Tweet From New England to the mid-Atlantic region, beach homes get the most use from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend. Beginning in April and lasting well into June,


Porch Renovation Ideas in Time for Summer

Tweet Do you enjoy your porch? Would you like to get more out of it? You can and the cost can range from investing a few hundred dollars to much

Home Renovation

Home Renovation: Making Better Use of Your Current Space

Tweet Simpler updates can save you time and money, budget pleasing renovations you can handle yourself or with the help of one more contractors. Home Improvement Tips So, what areas

Heating and Cooling

Home Weatherproofing is Not Just for Winter

Tweet Springtime invites thoughts of gardening, lawn renewal and garage sales, but it doesn’t necessarily bring “weatherproofing” to the mind of most homeowners. After all, sealing windows and doors is

Rec Room

Counting the Cost of Basement Conversion

Tweet One area of the home just ripe for conversion is the basement or what some people call the “cellar,” especially if it is unfinished. If you have a basement,