Top Tips For Increasing Your Home’s Value

Top Tips For Increasing Your Home’s Value


By Amy Fowler

Selling your home can be a stressful experience: not only do you have to worry about dealing with estate agents and brokers, but you also have to contend with prospective buyers coming round for viewings. One of the first things that people are told when they put their home on the market is that they should declutter as much as possible, to spruce up their home so that it looks attractive to possible buyers.

In this case, attractive means “neutral” – you want your home to look like something that anyone could imagine living in.These simple tips will help you to increase the selling price of your home.

1. Replace curtains with roller blinds — Curtains are a personal thing. Some people like heavy, luxurious ones, others prefer floral print; in a kid’s room some people like plain designs while others like character designs. You can’t please everyone. However, the vast majority of people like discrete roller blinds – or if they don’t actually like them, they aren’t likely to hate them either. Neutral is good, because it means that they can imagine what they prefer to see there, instead of thinking about how bad they feel your personal choice of decor is.

2. Fix up any damaged counter tops — Just like with fitting roller blinds, It doesn’t cost a lot to get any chipped counter tops replaced or fixed, and by taking the time to do it yourself, you avoid the possibility of your prospective buyer saying “I like the house, but the kitchen counters need to be replaced and a new, fitted kitchen would cost thousands”.

3. Mow the lawn — It may sound obvious, but your garden is the first thing people see when they visit your house. If your lawn is neatly trimmed and well weeded, it creates a good first impression.

4. Put away anything that might cause offense — If you have any ornaments, posters, or paintings that may offend someone, take them down when they come to view your home. Losing out on a sale because the buyer is too distracted by a “tasteless” (to them) painting is something that’s easy to avoid.

5. If it’s a nice day and you live in a quiet neighborhood, then open the windows — If you live in a quiet neighborhood, opening the windows is a good idea as this will get rid of any cooking / general living smells in your home. This is especially important if you like to eat foods with strong odors. Roll up your roller blinds to let in plenty of light and open the windows. Of course, if you live in a noisy neighborhood then you won’t want to let in any extra noise, but if you can open the windows it’s a good idea.

Most of the tips here are simple to do, and don’t have to cost a lot of money. Roller blinds are inexpensive, and even getting counter tops resurfaced should not cost a lot of money, especially when compared to the value that it will add to your home.



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