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When Your Bathroom Smells Like Poop

Tweet Still, the unmistakeable smell of poop won’t go away, pointing to a likely sewer problem. Left untended, the sewer smell can make you nauseous or give you a headache.


Home Cleaning Tips For A Quick Work

Who likes to clean house? Not too many of us, but it is a project that needs to get done. Fortunately, if you schedule a thorough cleaning once each season, you can make your regular clean ups a breeze. And any method that gets the job done sooner rather than later should be embraced.

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Speedy Housing Cleaning Ideas

You have just received the most unlikely and surprising phone call: your wife’s boisterous college roommate is in town and would like to swing by with her trophy husband and their three very active children to say hello. Naturally, you could not refuse her request, but with just 15 minutes to get ready, your home is in need of a quick clean up.

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How to Replace Your Toilet

A cracked toilet bowl means one thing: you will need to replace your toilet in its entirety. The toilet cannot be repaired, but it can be replaced and just maybe you’ll want to tackle this job yourself.

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How to Repair Your Toilet

Plumbing problems are a headache for the homeowner, with the toilet being one such fixture that will cause you problems from time to time. It isn’t that toilets are such complicated fixtures, but when you’re dealing with a handle that is connected to a flush valve and a flush valve that is tied in with a filler valve, a filler float and an overflow tube, you’re bound to run into trouble.

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Top 5 DIY Bathroom Tips

Tweet By Alex Levin But have no fear; we have solid do-it-yourself design tips to make your latest bathroom renovation go smoothly, while remaining on budget. (1) Research, Sketch, Design,

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Don’t Waste On The Flush – New Toilet Technologies

Tweet   By Randy Baldwin, Licensed Master Plumber in Northern Virginia The invention of the flushing toilet proved to be a sanitary, all-weather solution to the universal problem of personal

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How to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger Without Changing its Footprint

Tweet In this market, homeowners may not be willing to invest huge sums of money in a room they use less frequently than a kitchen or bedroom. A bathroom renovation

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Bathroom Renovations on a Limited Budget

Bathrooms wear out fast, from frequent use and due to moisture that seems to penetrate everything. Buy a new house and within 10 years, your main bathroom will show signs of wear, requiring a refreshing to bring it back to “like new” status.