Home Cleaning Tips For A Quick Work

Home Cleaning Tips For A Quick Work
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    Who likes to clean house?

    Not too many of us, but it is a project that needs to get done.

    Fortunately, if you schedule a thorough cleaning once each season, you can make your regular clean ups a breeze.

    And any method that gets the job done sooner rather than later should be embraced.


1. Choose a rainy day.

Let’s face it: if the weather outside is warm and inviting when you clean house, you may be too distracted to get the work done. Instead, choose a rainy or overcast day to attack your house. You’ll feel good knowing that you aren’t missing out on something else you’d rather be doing.

2. Get organized.

Plan to handle one room at a time. Assemble your tools of the trade including your mop, broom, dust pan, paper towels, scrub brush, cleaning supplies and duster. You may find that using an all-purpose cleaner is the best approach for cleaning. Or you could fill a bucket with various cleaning supplies and carry that from room to room.

3. Handle multiple jobs at once.

You can tackle one job at a time, finish it and move on to the next one. Just as easily you can handle multiple jobs at once and get everything done sooner. If you choose the latter, then one plan can go as follows: head to the bathroom, sprinkle cleanser in the toilet and along the sides of the tub. Do the same in your other bathrooms. While the cleanser is working, empty the trash cans and clean out same. Wipe down the mirrors and bathroom counters, then sweep and mop the floor. When dry, finish cleaning the toilets and tubs. You just shaved time from your job by allowing the work to continue automatically.

4. Just clock it.

Distractions can keep you from getting the work done. Or at least completed in a timely fashion. If you have a family, ask your spouse to take the kids out of the house for a few hours. That might be to the movie, which gives you a good idea when they will return home. Use that return home time as motivation to complete your work by then. That deadline will keep you moving. Alternately, you can set a timer to inspire you to beat the clock.

5. Straighten as you clean.

You may find that as you move from room to room, that your current organization system could stand a modification. Use your time to reorganize, by putting everything within easy reach. This may mean placing extra rolls of toilet paper in the hall closet, stashing away seldom used toys, throwing out a broken keepsake that you will never fix or making use of an underutilized shoe organizer. Gather up your future garage sale inventory items and box these up for later sale or donation.

Cleaning Considerations

Once you are done with your more thorough cleaning, you should find that weekly cleanings are easier to handle. You can also have older children and your spouse help out, making it a family cleaning project that can be completed faster than had you done it solo.

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