How to Repair Your Toilet

How to Repair Your Toilet
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    Plumbing problems are a headache for the homeowner, with the toilet being one such fixture that will cause you problems from time to time.

    It isn't that toilets are such complicated fixtures, but when you're dealing with a handle that is connected to a flush valve and a flush valve that is tied in with a filler valve, a filler float and an overflow tube, you're bound to run into trouble.


Most toilet problems take place in the tank, the part of the toilet that offers you back support while you’re indisposed. Tank problems you can usually handle, but bowl and siphon problems are best left to the care of a licensed plumber.

Let’s take a look at toilet problem of the tank problem kind:

1. Lift the lid.

Your toilet tank is covered by a lid. Carefully lift that lid and place it in a safe place. Made of ceramic, the lid can easily break.

2. Inspect the tank.

Running water or a malfunctioning valve, ball or stopper are among the chief reasons why a toilet tank isn’t working properly. Look at the float ball and observe how it functions when the toilet flushes. When water is exiting the tank and swirling around the bowl before exiting, the float ball will drop down. As the tank refills, the float ball will rise up and stop once the water rises to its proper level. Automatically, the water will shut off. If not, the float ball may need to be adjusted.

3. Look at the float arm.

At times, the float arm can loosen, causing the float ball to rub alongside the inner part of the tank. Inspect the float arm, adjust it and flush the toilet again. If water is still leaking then inspect the tank ball or flapper that sits over the valve seat. A worn out ball or flapper will need to be replaced or it might have detached from its seating. Turn off the water to the toilet and replace.

4. Inspect the ballcock assembly.

If the float ball and flapper are working fine and the connections appear in order, then the ballcock assembly is likely the problem. This assembly consists of a shaft, a gasket, a washer, a retaining nut and a coupling nut. Look at each part carefully and if signs of wear are present then replace same. If the entire assembly is old, you may find it simpler to replace the ballcock wholesale than fixing it piecemeal. Again, shut off the water to the toilet, remove the old assembly and put in a new assembly. Turn on the water supply and flush the toilet.

Older toilets can sometimes present more of a challenge to fix if parts are no longer available. Your hardware store or home center may be able to help advising you on what parts are in stock or can be ordered to get the job done.

When to Call for a Plumber

If your repair attempts fail to resolve the problem, a call to a qualified plumber may be in order. A cracked bowl can be repaired with putty until you’re ready to have it replaced. However, a leaking toilet needs to be turned off and not used again until the leak has been identified and the problem remedied. Contact your plumber who will inspect your toilet and make recommendations for a repair or a replacement.

Household leaking toilets expel more than 1.25 trillion gallons of water annually in the U.S. according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA says that toilet usage accounts for 30 percent of all household water use, therefore you can conserve water, help the environment and lower your water bill by having a leaking toilet repaired as quickly as possible.

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