Top 5 DIY Bathroom Tips

Top 5 DIY Bathroom Tips
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    Often the most feared place in the home to remodel is the bathroom.

    Even more daunting is doing it yourself, without professional help.


By Alex Levin

But have no fear; we have solid do-it-yourself design tips to make your latest bathroom renovation go smoothly, while remaining on budget.

(1) Research, Sketch, Design, and Plan

– Planning out your remodeling project ahead of time will be a cost-cutting and time-saving activity. By running through the steps beforehand, you’ll be able to alleviate specific fears you had going in and enter your remodeling project with more confidence. At the start, your goal should be to become an informed consumer. So be sure to conduct research on items you’re considering purchasing. Account for bathroom items that you may be able to reuse or recycle: fixtures, mirrors, shower doors and cabinetry. No bathroom remodel is ever perfect. You’d be wise to expect the unexpected and maintain some backup funds to allow for minor (or major) mishaps. However, by strategizing ahead of time, you’ll avoid squandering the allocated budget.

(2) Refinishing

– This is a little known secret in the DIY world. When considering a bathroom remodel it is presumed that one must purchase everything brand new from the bathtub to the bath sink. However, refinishing is a little known secret that helps renew your bathroom while remaining on budget. Typically, you’ll need to hire a professional to conduct a refinish job. What sort of items can be refinished? You’ll be happy to hear most of the items in your current bathroom are bathtubs, showers, spas, tile (shower, floor, and wall), vanity countertops and marble. Rather than shelling out the dosh for a new bathtub, you can refinish a tub for much less and put another 10-15 years use back into the original piece. Refinishing is also referred to as reglazing, resurfacing or renewing.

(3) Low Flow Toilet

– Now that the green movement has hit the mainstream, water conservation has become a big part of remaking the bathroom. Consider purchasing a low flow toilet. Typically, low flow “water sense” labeled toilets will use no more than 1.28 gallons per flush. These high efficiency toilets can run a pretty penny but in the long run, save you loads on the water bill. The standardized toilet will flush about twice as much at 3.5 gallons. So consider the savings!

(4) Vanity Kit

– Rather than having to search far and wide for the perfect individual pieces for your bathroom counter tops, you can hunt for the perfect vanity kit, which comes ready to assemble. Depending on the manufacturer, you can get the vanity base, counter top (vanity top), sidings, and faucets that all come complete with the kit.

(5) High Style faucet

– Yet another way to add more bang to your buck and help save the environment is by purchasing the right high-end faucet. These faucets will help raise the resale value of the bathroom (which in turn raises the value of the home) while also conserving water. A faucet with a flow rate of 1.5 gpm (gallons per minute) or below is considered a good candidate for the green initiative. The flow rate is usually determined via the aerator (the screw-on tip of the faucet). Check out Laminar flow faucets, which are credited with feeling “wetter” because of the pattern of the flow, while maintaining water efficiency.

Once you’ve finally finish a bathroom remodel, you’ll be happy to reap the benefits and relax in your new space. The bathroom is one of the most used places in the home, so make it enjoyable and worthwhile. Overall, remodeling the bathroom is a good investment and will increase your home appraisal. A good remodel will show well at an open house and you can often get twice the amount you spend on the remodel when you sell the property.

Author Information

Alex Levin is a writer for Granite Transformations, a national kitchen and bath remodeling company dedicated to advancing eco-friendly remodeling.

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