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Home Interior Design

How to Measure and Purchase Curtains

Curtains can transform any room, adding pizzazz or understated elegance, while providing privacy for you and your family. Curtains are a distinctive window treatment, and can range from French pleat, sheers, panel, cafe, tab top and beyond.

Home Safety

8 Smart Ways to Baby Proof Your Home

And baby makes three. Life as you know it as a childless couple is now over. That’s okay — you now have a little bundle of joy to love and care for, an infant in arms who will soon be a toddler on the go.

Green Home

Easy Fixes for Green Home Renovations

Society has evolved significantly on environmental issues. No longer ignoring the impact of carbon footprints, more and more people are looking for ways to use energy more efficiently and to create domestic living space that responds to its surroundings in a more Eco friendly way.


The Many Types of Flooring

With the summer finally here, you may be thinking about performing a home improvement project. Like most, you may be thinking about changing the floors in your home, but what you’re finding out is there are a lot of flooring options to choose from.

Bed and Bath

How to Repair Your Toilet

Plumbing problems are a headache for the homeowner, with the toilet being one such fixture that will cause you problems from time to time. It isn’t that toilets are such complicated fixtures, but when you’re dealing with a handle that is connected to a flush valve and a flush valve that is tied in with a filler valve, a filler float and an overflow tube, you’re bound to run into trouble.

Bed and Bath

Bespoke Bedroom Belongings

The ability to design or create items to fit precisely into your bedroom for your specific needs or wants is an efficient luxury.

Doors and Windows

What You Need to Know About Replacement Windows

Question: when is it time to replace your windows? Answer: when your current windows are worn and your household energy bills are skyrocketing.

Home Structure

A Dozen Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Whether you’re new to your home or have owned your home for several years, there are a number of tools you should have on hand.

Home Lighting

How to Successfully Create Mood with Lighting

The lighting in your home can make or break a room. Sometimes all it takes is a lighting tweak to make a room look bigger, cozier or even mood altering.

Outdoor Structures

Above Ground or In-Ground: Which Pool is Right for You?

After so many hot, summer days, many arrive at the same conclusion: It is time to get a pool. Pools provide a great place to exercise, spend time with friends and family and, perhaps most importantly, a place to cool off when the summer heat becomes too intense.

Home Buying-Selling

Buyer Advice: Home Inspections

Congratulations! You’ve just agreed on a price for your new home. That home can provide many years of enjoyment for you and your family, and may also offer a nest egg for your retirement years.

Kitchen and Dining

Renovate Your Kitchen By Adding New Dining Chairs

Get ready to renovate with some delectable dining chairs. In all the flurry of a kitchen makeover, it’s easy to overlook the importance of good furniture. But while gadgets gratify and trinkets triumph, dining chairs are fundamental in imparting settings with comfort and the very essence of home.

Bed and Bath

Two Bathroom Sinks Are Better Than One

One of the more recent trends in home renovation follows something that new home builders have been doing for quite some time: outfitting master bathrooms with a pair of sinks. Known as “his and her vanities,” this arrangement is being embraced by many a homeowner.

Garden Maintenance

Your Summer Composting Project

Summer home projects should be easy, reflecting the slower pace of life we all prefer to take on most sunny, sultry afternoons. Nevertheless, yard care never ceases unless you’re in a severe drought and your lawn has turned dormant.


Mortgage Rates Fall As Do Refinancing Applications

CNBC real estate reporter Diana Olick had it right when she stated that the current refinancing trends “defies logic.”

Home Utility

5 Best Guard Dogs for Families

Owning a dog can be a great learning opportunity for your children, giving them the chance to learn how to take care of another living creature. Some families also find another benefit of owning a dog, and that is the benefit of having a built-in burglar detractor.

Home Interior

FEMA and Your Flood Damaged Home

If you live in a flood zone, the Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA will have a lot to say about your being able to rebuild your home following a catastrophic flood.

General News

Home Renovation: Say, Permit Please!

Are you considering renovating your home? If so, your decision may be a sound one, giving you an updated place to live and a home with an increased resale value.Permits may be required when undertaking a home renovation.


Home Office Ideas to Inspire Your Creativity

As more and more jobs are outsourcing and hiring freelance workers, it becomes necessary to have a suitable office in one’s home. Some people may feel that the dining room table and a laptop are sufficient tools to get the job done, but a home office that is nicely decorated, well lit and contains the proper furniture can work wonders for boosting your productivity.


Derecho Recovery and Homeowners Insurance

The word “derecho” may not be part of most people’s vocabulary, but it is a word you heard often over the past week. It is a Spanish word that is pronounced “day-ret-cho” and means right or straight, the type of winds that pummeled states from Ohio to Virginia.