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General Home Decor

How to Measure and Purchase Curtains

Tweet Transform your home with new curtains. Before you purchase your window curtains you’ll need to get some measurements, details that will ensure that your window treatments match and do

Home Structure

8 Smart Ways to Baby Proof Your Home

Tweet You have some time to prepare your home for a wandering tot, but perhaps less time than you expect. Within six months he’ll be crawling and by nine months

Green Home

Easy Fixes for Green Home Renovations

Tweet Efforts of homeowners to create a truly green space are aided not just by advice from green advocates, but the government as well. Energy Star, a collaboration between the


The Many Types of Flooring

Tweet With the summer finally here, you may be thinking about performing a home improvement project. Like most, you may be thinking about changing the floors in your home, but

Bed and Bath

How to Repair Your Toilet

Tweet Most toilet problems take place in the tank, the part of the toilet that offers you back support while you’re indisposed. Tank problems you can usually handle, but bowl

Bed and Bath

Bespoke Bedroom Belongings

Tweet The ability to design or create items to fit precisely into your bedroom for your specific needs or wants is an efficient luxury. It allows you to maximise both

Doors and Windows

What You Need to Know About Replacement Windows

Tweet Window technology has improved so much that the federal government’s ENERGY STAR program says that qualified windows can low your energy bills by 7 to 15 percent. That may

Home Structure

A Dozen Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Tweet By Jay Preston Sure, you could buy a tool kit with some or most of the tools included, but you would do better to select the tools individually and

Home Lighting

How to Successfully Create Mood with Lighting

Tweet The powerful effects of light have been studied extensively, and the right lights will change your home without you needing to change anything else. Aesthetics Before you begin anything,

Outdoor Structures

Above Ground or In-Ground: Which Pool is Right for You?

Tweet Before getting down to the details of exact designs and other details, future pool owners must decide whether an above ground swimming pool or an in-ground pool is right

Home Interior

Buyer Advice: Home Inspections

Tweet By Stacey Edwards Congratulations! You’ve just agreed on a price for your new home. That home can provide many years of enjoyment for you and your family, and may

Kitchen and Dining

Renovate Your Kitchen By Adding New Dining Chairs

Tweet Picture it. You’ve got the lot, running the gamut from the gizmos to the glossy work top. All that’s missing is the dining chair. All too frequently treated as

Bed and Bath

Two Bathroom Sinks Are Better Than One

Tweet His and her sinks add style to most any bathroom. If you’re planning any type of bathroom renovation, then a change to a two-sink system might be in order.

Garden Maintenance

Your Summer Composting Project

Tweet You know that you’ve wanted to come up with a better idea for discarding yard waste and that better idea can be found in developing a compost pile where

Financing General News

Mortgage Rates Fall As Do Refinancing Applications

Tweet Record low interest rates does little to attract buyers. CNBC real estate reporter Diana Olick had it right when she stated that the current refinancing trends “defies logic.” Olick

Home Utility

5 Best Guard Dogs for Families

Tweet Adding a guard dog to a home security system gives your home double protection against those who might want to do you harm. A security system is your first,

Home Interior

FEMA and Your Flood Damaged Home

Tweet What you must do if you live in a flood zone. If you live in a flood zone, the Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA will have a lot

General News

Home Renovation: Say, Permit Please!

Tweet You may need permission to renovate your home, however. What this means is if you plan to undertake a major renovation or construction project, you may need permits. State


Home Office Ideas to Inspire Your Creativity

Tweet As a writer, I have found that my creativity soars when I have a dedicated workstation and a stimulating environment that is not cluttered or drab. Perhaps you already


Derecho Recovery and Homeowners Insurance

Tweet The word “derecho” may not be part of most people’s vocabulary, but it is a word you heard often over the past week. It is a Spanish word that