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Real Estate Investing 101: The Basics

Flipping houses is a fun and profitable adventure, right? Well, don’t let the “flip this house” type television shows fool you: it is hard work to buy and sell real estate; making a profit isn’t automatic either.

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Prepay Your Mortgage and Own Your Home Sooner

Tweet A mortgage means that someone else has a stake in your home with you holding the remaining stake. You’re only a partial homeowner until that mortgage is paid off,

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What You Need to Know About Zero Down Payment Loans

Tweet Prior to the Great Recession zero down payment home loans or mortgages were available, what helped many consumers attain homeownership, people who would might otherwise have been shut out

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Renovation Loan? Fix Your Credit Score First.

Tweet That three-digit score is used by lenders to help determine whether you’ll qualify for a renovation loan and for what terms, namely at what interest rate. A low credit


Two Important Benefits of Mortgage Refinancing

Tweet When done right, you can save thousands of dollars in interest costs over the life of the loan, money you can use instead for your retirement, to pay for

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Home Improvement Fraud: Cautions and Risks

Tweet Typically, scam artists show up in greater numbers following a storm, particularly one that leaves homes and properties damaged. This summer, flooding and wind damage have taken place across

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How to Survive Your Home Renovation Project

Tweet Next up is for you and your family to pack up, leave the home and stay out until the work is done. If all goes according to plan, you

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7 Home Renovation Tips

You’re getting ready to undertake a home renovation project and you’re wondering how best to move forward. Rush into this project and you’ll make your share of mistakes, perhaps costing you thousands of dollars to get the work done right.


How to Donate Your Patio Furniture

Summer is over and it is time to put away your patio furniture. This year, however, you decided that you don’t want to put your furniture away. Instead, you plan to donate it with an eye toward buying new furniture by next spring.

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What You Need to Know About a Home Equity Line of Credit

A home equity line of credit or HELOC is a popular borrowing option for homeowners, but is handled differently than a home equity loan or HEL. With a HEL, you receive your money up front.

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6 Money Saving Renovation Strategies

Tweet Your next home improvement project promises to be a large one, allowing you to finally tackle those jobs you’ve put off for too long. Perhaps you’re putting on a


Home Mortgage Rates Near 60 Year Low

Tweet Buying a home now could save you thousands. The interest rate on 30-year home mortgages continues to drop, falling to an average of 4.32 percent according to Bankrate.com. [1]

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Why Homeowners Should Put Fear Away & Renovate Now

Tweet Watch the national news for 15 minutes at a time and you’ll be calling your doctor to up your meds. The news is depressing, distressing and downright disheartening. The

Home Renovation

Why You Should Renovate Your Home Now

Tweet Rising material costs, inflation weigh in. Most homeowners don’t like to rush into new projects, perhaps realizing that without careful planning, they’ll pay more for a project then necessary