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Lawn Care

Caring for Your Lawn: Basic Lawn Care Tips for Winter Season

It is very important that you make sure that your lawn is protected from frost, snow and diseases that the winter will bring with it. The frost makes your lawn vulnerable to easy damage. To help your lawn survive during the winter season, you must protect it from several winter conditions and take proper care of it.


Stuck in a Cookie-Cutter House? 4 Options for Customization

There’s a song called “Little Boxes” by Malvina Reynolds that paints an image of cookie-cutter suburbia. “Little boxes on the hillside, …and they’re all made out of ticky tacky and they all look just the same.”

Lawn Care

Five Tips for Having the Best Manicured Lawn in the Neighborhood

Aside from purchasing your dream home, you want to have the best lawn in your neighborhood. Your dream home is not complete without a dream lawn.

Yard and Garden

Fall Clean Up: Tackling Leaves

Tweet In dry years, your trees may change color early and begin to drop their leaves in August. Its your trees’ stress reaction to abnormally low rates of precipitation, a


5 Lawn Sprinkler System Maintenance Tips

It can cost homeowners thousands of dollars to have a lawn sprinkler system installed, with hundreds more spent on repairs when something goes wrong. That, “something goes wrong” can best be avoided by caring for this system on a regular basis.

Yard and Garden

Yard Care: Managing Water Usage

Review your water bill in the warmer months and your eyes may bulge out of your sockets. That’s because you’ve been using hundreds of extra gallons per month to maintain the pool, tend to your garden beds and to maintain the lawn.


Home Shopping, Property and Yard Upkeep

Home shoppers place a large importance on the size and look of a home as well as its location. Both attributes are significant, but may overlook something else that can also be of importance: the yard.

Yard and Garden

7 Quick and Easy Fall Yard Projects

Beautiful fall weather is here, offering a welcome contrast to the hottest days of summer. The next few months promise to serve up enough days that are not too warm and not too cold.

Yard and Garden

You Can Prep Your Lawn For Spring

As winter begins to wind down, your thoughts may turn to your lawn which has been lying dormant for the past several months. Before you know it, your grass will begin to assume that unmistakeable green tint, signaling that spring has arrived.

Home Interior

Home Value Improvement Projects for the New Year

Tweet Simple jobs can have a profound impact on your home’s value. Yesterday, we talked about home renovations you accomplished this past year and the impact on your taxes. When


Should You Power Rake Your Lawn?

Tweet Cooler weather means your lawn may be ready to be power raked. As you finish raking your leaves this fall, you’ll be left with a lawn that will soon

Yard and Garden

How to Get Your Lawn & Garden Ready for Fall

Tweet With summer now behind us, fall is the perfect time of the year to prepare your lawn and garden for the cooler months ahead. This means taking some steps

Home Interior Design

Top Tips For Increasing Your Home’s Value

Tweet By Amy Fowler Selling your home can be a stressful experience: not only do you have to worry about dealing with estate agents and brokers, but you also have to

Garden Maintenance

All About Grubs

Tweet A few years ago while I was watering our new sod in the front yard, I kept noticing certain areas of our lawn turning brown. At first I was

Garden Maintenance

4 Summer Yard Care Tips

Tweet Get your rest, but not at the expense of your lawn. Enjoy your vacation and your slower pace of life, but keep an eye on your property or have

Garden Maintenance

Getting Your Lawn Ready For Spring

Tweet There are a variety of ways to make sure your lawn springs back from those long and cold winter months. Just by following a few simple tips, you can