5 Lawn Sprinkler System Maintenance Tips

5 Lawn Sprinkler System Maintenance Tips
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    It can cost homeowners thousands of dollars to have a lawn sprinkler system installed, with hundreds more spent on repairs when something goes wrong.

    That, "something goes wrong" can best be avoided by caring for this system on a regular basis.


Lawn Sprinkler System

Springtime is when lawn sprinkler systems are reactivated following a long, cold winter. There are, however, some matters to tend to before you start watering your lawn again including the following five points.

1. Winter has finally ended. The calendar may say April or even May, but winter weather may not be quite done where you live. Your daffodils may be in bloom, your trees are in bud, but the ground may not have completely thawed. You can test your soil to ensure that it is frost-free by at least a foot. Take a shovel, dig down and if it is clear of frost, then you are ready to start your sprinkler system again.

2. Examine your system. Take a tour of your yard to find every sprinkler head installed. Each one should cleared of debris with dirt, sticks and leaves removed. If a sprinkler head is broken, then replace it at this time.

3. Visit the control panel. Head to your sprinkler system control panel and replace the backup batteries. Clean off the panel, check the settings and set up a watering schedule for the coming weeks and months.

4. Reactivate your sprinkler system. Follow your manufacturer’s instructions for turning on your sprinkler system. Gradually turn on the valves to activate and to check for water flow. If there are obstructions or problems, take note of same. If there are pipe leaks, contact your installer to repair if the system is under warranty. For older systems, you can do the repairs yourself by identifying the location of the leak, digging soil away from the affected area, cutting the piper and replacing same.

5. Water your lawn. Your watering schedule will depend on several factors, therefore understand how much water your lawn needs to keep it maintained. Among the chief factors are your zone or the area in the country where you live, the soil type, sun exposure, plant density and type, the pitch or slope of your property and the type of sprinklers present: rotor or spray.

Watering Considerations

Understand your community’s watering schedule and follow it carefully. When drought conditions are in affect, an odd-even watering plan may be in place. Observe how your sprinklers work, adjusting heads to avoid water waste. Set up your watering system for early morning activation to minimize evaporation. Override the system whenever significant rain is in the forecast.

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