4 Summer Yard Care Tips

4 Summer Yard Care Tips
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    The lazy, hazy days of summer means that your attention may be far from how your yard is doing, but neglect this area of your home during drought conditions and you could be faced with having to replace your lawn and shrubbery.


Get your rest, but not at the expense of your lawn.

Enjoy your vacation and your slower pace of life, but keep an eye on your property or have someone do that for you.

Let’s take a look at some things you should keep in mind this summer:

1. Keep your lawn green

Green lawns can be expensive to maintain, but if your lawn turns brown and dies, then you could be faced with having to replace it later. Keep weeds at bay, apply fertilizers when due and mow your lawn carefully and regularly. If you plan on being away from home for two weeks or longer, have someone stop by to cut the grass, water the lawn and shrubbery and report to you if there are problems.

2. Harness rain water

If possible, don’t let rain water go to waste. Gather what you can in containers such as garbage cans and redirect spouts to supply water to your gardens. If you have a central air-conditioning system, run a drip hose from the unit to your garden to supply water throughout the summer. Harnessing rain water is as simple as redirecting a downspout or as complex as building a rainwater harvesting tank.

3. Limit mosquito sources

Though your greenery requires watering, be mindful that water in still ponds, exposed containers or other areas can attract mosquitos. Turn unused containers upside down or store them inside. Remove old tires from your yard to prevent water from gathering inside. Even something as small as an empty pot plate can hold enough water to attract bugs, providing a place for disease carrying mosquitoes to breed.

4. Moles and voles

Critters are cute, but they can destroy your lawn particularly if they are moles and voles. Working from underneath your ground, your lawn can soon be damaged, perhaps destroyed if the problem gets out of hand. Repellants, poisons and traps can eliminate moles and voles, saving your lawn and your peace of mind. Rabbits are generally not a problem, while deer can bring ticks with them. Employ sensible wildlife management to ensure that only the critters you want in your yard are present.

Keep your lawn in good shape and you’ll have nothing to worry about when you come back from vacation. Just think: in a few short weeks you’ll be preparing for fall with all the attendant leaf removal chores that come with that season!

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