Home Shopping, Property and Yard Upkeep

Home Shopping, Property and Yard Upkeep
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    Home shoppers place a large importance on the size and look of a home as well as its location.

    Both attributes are significant, but may overlook something else that can also be of importance: the yard.


For it is the size of the yard that can make it or break it for some home buyers, a fact that is not always considered or given its proper weight when shopping for a home.

Your Commute

A long commute to work and back means that home owners have less time for home upkeep. You may want a large yard, but find that your time is too limited to handle the work.

One of the best ways to determine the “time suck” that lawn maintenance requires is to add up your commuting time, the number of hours that you spend at work, the time you devote to your family and their activities, and your other responsibilities. Subtract these hours from your waking time and you may have precious little time left to tend to your yard.

Landscaper Cost

You can still have your big yard and enjoy too, relying on help to tend your grounds. This means hiring a landscaping company to cut your grass, tend your flower beds and keep your shrubs trimmed.

The cost of landscaping can be a game changer, however. Some questions to consider: Will you need a landscaper year round or for part of the season? Are you looking for basic lawn cutting services or more extensive upkeep including seeding, fertilizing and planting flowers? What do landscapers in the area charge? Do you have time to supervise the work?

The cost factor can be determined by asking people in the neighborhood that use these services. Adjust that cost for the size of your yard, frequency of work and the services desired. Yet, you may need a formal job estimate to know your costs.

Personal Satisfaction

When all has been said and done, you may decide that a home on a large piece of property located far away from work is worth coming back to every day. For some people, a townhouse or a cooperative apartment is unthinkable: they want a large yard with all the trappings such properties offer. No small parcels and certainly no shared walls.

You may find that tending your lawn is highly satisfying. Investing in a riding mower can help ease your upkeep, enabling you to don a pair of earphones, play your favorite music and maintain your yard. You can always supplement your work with the help of your teenage children or the college kid on break looking to earn some money.

Your Investment

Owning large property can be a sound investment strategy especially if demand for such land is strong. Some homeowners buy larger parcels with the intent to subdivide later, offering land to grown children or selling what they do not want and pocketing the proceeds.

Still, the property you buy may require extensive upkeep unless you transform green areas into natural growth areas, employing yardscaping techniques that minimize grassy areas and maximize plantings, and other low maintenance growth.

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