Home Value Improvement Projects for the New Year

Home Value Improvement Projects for the New Year


Simple jobs can have a profound impact on your home’s value.

Yesterday, we talked about home renovations you accomplished this past year and the impact on your taxes. When you file your taxes in coming months, you may have several deductions that you can take to reduce your tax burden.

Today, we’ll take a look at how you might possibly improve the value of your home by undertaking one or more projects that can enhance its appearance. These projects can be important to you especially if you plan to sell your home in the coming year.

Power wash your home — Start your home value improvement projects by power washing your home. Get rid of the dirt and grime that has built up, giving your paint or siding a fresh look. You may not need to allocate thousands of dollars for painting your home as a power wash can give it the lustre it needs.

Overhaul the landscaping — Bushes may need to be trimmed and dead tree branches removed. Take a look at the front of your lawn and see what needs to be handled. You may need to resod or perhaps lay down some fresh decorative stones in your garden. Look at your home through the eyes of someone who may be interested in buying it to determine what projects should take priority. Freshly planted flowers can raise the appeal of any home.

Update your flooring — Visitors to your home will notice one thing first: your flooring or carpeting. Old carpeting may need to be replaced or at least undergo a thorough cleaning and spot removal. In rooms with floors, what condition is the wood? Stripping and restaining may be in order. For floors that are severely damaged, replacement may be in order. You can also add value to your home by pulling up carpeting in at least some first rooms and putting down wood flooring.

Tackle your bathroom — After your kitchen, bathrooms are of major concern for home buyers. Be honest with yourself: are your bathrooms what someone would like to call their own or should one or more bathrooms be overhauled? Simple projects include replacing the toilet seat, updating fixtures and installing a new shower curtain. Complicated and expensive projects include complete gutting of the same. You may be able to find a happy median where a partial renovation will suffice.

Replace dated fixtures — Old homes and old fixtures usually go together. More modern homes with trendy fixtures? Not so much. You may be found of the Italian designer’s blown glass chandelier, but it could hinder home shoppers as they look at your home. One fixture idiosyncrasy might be overlooked, but a houseful of mish-mash or outdated fixtures may prove to be too much.

We purposefully left out any mention of kitchen updates given that the subject here is about simple jobs. Some of the easier handle to updates in your kitchen includes changing out door and drawer handles and replacing the kitchen faucet. Beyond that, you may be faced with a more extensive update, one that could make your bathroom overhaul look like a simple job.



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