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Garden Maintenance

4 of the Best DIY Pruning Tips for Your Garden Plants

Pruning assists garden plants to not only grow strong but also look attractive and neat. Pruning garden plants will remove any damaged branches. It will also create a well-defined shape and allow for fresh growth.

Garden Maintenance

7 Steps to Maintaining a Healthy Garden

Tweet How To Maintain A Healthy Garden Maintaining healthy and biologically active soil in your garden contributes to healthier plants that are less vulnerable to diseases and pests, increased yields

Yard and Garden

4 Important DIY Pruning Tips for Garden Plants

Tweet It is important for garden pruning to be done correctly to ensure that you do not damage your garden plants. Because garden plants are a big part of your

Outdoor Structures

Increase Your Garden Shed Space in 3 Easy Steps

Tweet If you can’t seem to cram any more items in it, you have to find an alternative way to expand it. Here are some of the ideas how to

Garden Plants

Tips on How to Get Started with Gardening

Tweet It might sound easy, but rest assured that there is a lot of ground to cover in order to become an expert gardener. It all, however, starts with basics.

Garden Maintenance

Soil PH And Your Garden Plants – What You Need to Know

Soil PH is, without doubt, one of the most crucial factors to consider when designing and planning a garden. This is largely because different plants show varying tolerances to different soil PH levels.


Updating Your Yard This Summer? Tips To Save Money And Get The Look You Want

The yard is one of the most notable features of the home and often determines the property value. For those looking to spend more time outdoors during the summer season and enjoy activities in the yard, there are several upgrades available that can be done at a low cost.

Garden Plants

Growing Your Dinner – 5 Cool Garden Ideas to Try Right Now

If you enjoy the freshness of locally grown produce from your neighborhood farm stand, consider growing your own kitchen garden. You can tailor your garden to suit your culinary preferences, and you will save money by growing these ingredients yourself.

Yard and Garden

Backyard Birding: Getting Ready for Spring

As winter recedes and spring advances, you will begin to notice some changes around your yard. Of the feathery kind.

Exterior Home

Curb Appeal and Your Home

Tweet That appeal is often in the eye of the beholder, but there are some improvements you can make that will enhance its eye appeal quickly. 1. Make use of

Garden Plants

Growing Tomatoes: Tips and Tricks

Warmer weather means vegetable gardens are taking hold, with peas, radishes, spinach and turnips among the first vegetable to be harvested.

Yard and Garden

Yard Care: Managing Water Usage

Review your water bill in the warmer months and your eyes may bulge out of your sockets. That’s because you’ve been using hundreds of extra gallons per month to maintain the pool, tend to your garden beds and to maintain the lawn.

Garden Plants

Spring Gardening: What to Plant and When

Warmer weather means that flowers are out, trees are in bud and homeowners may be deciding what to plant in their vegetable gardens this year and when. Some backyard gardeners have had their seeds in place since winter, beginning the process indoors for transfer outdoors following the season’s final frost.


Why You Should Hire A Landscape Designer

Let’s face it: your yard is a complex ecological environment, filled with flora and visited by fauna, offering a delicate balance between the natural and the manmade.

Yard and Garden

7 Quick and Easy Fall Yard Projects

Beautiful fall weather is here, offering a welcome contrast to the hottest days of summer. The next few months promise to serve up enough days that are not too warm and not too cold.

Garden Maintenance

Your Summer Composting Project

Summer home projects should be easy, reflecting the slower pace of life we all prefer to take on most sunny, sultry afternoons. Nevertheless, yard care never ceases unless you’re in a severe drought and your lawn has turned dormant.

Yard and Garden

You Can Winterize Your Garden

Tweet As long as the ground hasn’t frozen, you can still winterize your garden. From early autumn in most northernly locations to almost winter in the deep south, you can

Garden Plants

Growing Your Own Herb Garden

Tweet One day when my daughter brought home a basil plant she grew for me for Mother’s Day, only then did I start to think that I could grow my

Yard and Garden

How to Get Your Lawn & Garden Ready for Fall

Tweet With summer now behind us, fall is the perfect time of the year to prepare your lawn and garden for the cooler months ahead. This means taking some steps

Garden Plants

DIY – Planting Trees

Tweet No need to hire a landscaper to truly transform your yard, why not try it yourself? Trees make your yard look its best and accent the rest of your