Why You Should Hire A Landscape Designer

Why You Should Hire A Landscape Designer
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    Let's face it: your yard is a complex ecological environment, filled with flora and visited by fauna, offering a delicate balance between the natural and the manmade.


You are considering several changes to the environment that may have a big impact in the way that property looks as well as how its natural habitat reacts to what is on site. Before you make these changes, consulting a landscape designer can be a wise move. Let’s take a look at what such a professional can do for you, your property and the animals that frequent it.


A landscape designer can personally evaluate your property to gauge how your flora, i.e. trees, shrubs, plants and flowers, integrates with your land. He will listen to you as you air your likes and dislikes, and make suggestions on how best to turn what may be a mundane landscape into something entirely beautiful.

This may mean working with you on trimming and removing trees, transplanting shrubbery, planting new fauna and offering tips on how to bring in native grown plants. Your landscape designer will advise you on what steps can be taken to turn your property into something that is more livable and sustainable.


Most homeowners are stumped when attempting to understand what plants should go in their yards. This is entirely understandable as most properties are a mixture of native and introduced species.

Although your landscape designer may not steer you away from introduced greenery, he may underscore the importance of using plants that are native to your area. Such plants are drought tolerant and disease resistant, and will also attract more native wildlife. A landscape designer can help you choose the right plants for your soil and lighting conditions, and make recommendations on what will best work for your property.


Use a landscape designer to help plan your landscaping project. This individual will conduct soil sample tests and gauge how sunlight and rainwater impact the property.

A landscape designer can advise you about the best placement of trees, shrubs and other greenery, to ensure health and long life for years well beyond your personal ownership of the property. This professional will advise you on the placement of ponds, including water movement, drainage and fauna. The designer will recommend what materials to use including for walls, helping you to choose the most aesthetically pleasing materials for your budget.


As with any home project, your landscape designer will offer estimates based on your project parameters. Your estimate may be tiered, that is it may outline various levels of work that can be chosen.

For instance, a basic project may include the initial assessment as well as the trimming of trees, the installation of new shrubbery and the removal of dead growth. A midlevel project may include these items and add in shrubbery transplantation, lawn regrading and fertilization and the installation of a retaining wall. A more advanced project may add in a drainage pond and the conversion of part of your property into an entertainment area with a pool, spa and an eating area.


No project should be begun without a careful review of the job. As a homeowner, you may want to have your attorney review the contract, to ensure that the work you desire to have done is included. Of extreme importance is aftercare, or the work that landscapers will do to maintain your property once the project has been completed. Your designer may work with a landscape professional to ensure that your property is maintained or follow up himself and do likewise.

Yes, hiring a landscape designer is a decision that can yield important benefits. Your property will not only look more attractive, but you can enjoy a corresponding increase in its value as well.

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