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How to Create a Cozy Feeling Den or Family Room

Tweet If you’re gearing up to tackle your den or family room and want the end result to be something that is inviting and cozy, then you’ll appreciate these simple

Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for Aug 13: Designing a Home Library

Tweet May We Suggest Some Key Topics on Designing Your "Home Library/Office"? Creating the Perfect Den: 3 Different Purposes for Your Private Getaway Handy Tricks for Organizing a Small Home


Creating the Perfect Den: 3 Different Purposes for Your Private Getaway

A well-designed den can work as a home office, family room, spare bedroom, library or – ideally – a combination of all the above. No matter who wants to relax or why, the home den should be the place to do it.


How to Have a Bright and Cheerful Den/Library

There was a time when a den/ library used to be a quiet place where a person could curl up with a book and read at peace. But not any longer! Technology has changed the way we read too! People are using kindle, laptop and such other digital media for reading purposes.


How to Create a Library Den Suited to Your Needs

A library den is a place where you can enhance your enjoyment of reading, and there are many different ways you can go about creating your own special library den.


Den in Disarray? Smart Organizing Tips!

Tweet A den adds value to a home, but it can also become an organization nightmare if yours is not in order. Let’s take a look at several smart organizing

Home Renovation

4 Room or Space Repurpose Ideas

Tweet The most significant advantage of this option is that you do not have to expand the home for the new purpose. Instead, you can think of creative ways to

Home Office

Make Your Home Office a Design Pleaser

Tweet Besides its functionality, a home office can and should look good, offering a design that is both pleasing and relaxing. So, if you are planning a home office, the

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Better Built-Ins: Four Key Locations

Tweet Builts-in are those compartments that blend into a room, are situated unobtrusively where no floor space is impacted, but where wall space is used. Built-ins may seem more common


Den Possibilities: What’s In Your Room?

If you have been blessed with an extra room in your house, there are many possible uses for it that may come to mind. A workout room. A sewing room. A home office. A library. A den.

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All About Designing a Man Cave

How you decorate your man cave is your business. Likely, you have a theme in mind. For example, if you like racing, then your room will be filled with motor sports memorabilia. If you like fishing, then pictures and posters of your big catches are in order.


How to Brighten Up a Den

Tweet Dens typically do not have closets and therefore would not be considered a bedroom. Some dens offer a half-bath and even a separate entrance, making this an attractive room


How to Make a Den

Tweet One of the more affordable projects is making a den. After all, if you have a spare bedroom, then that room can be repurposed to become a den, right?