Den Possibilities: What’s In Your Room?

Den Possibilities: What’s In Your Room?
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    If you have been blessed with an extra room in your house, there are many possible uses for it that may come to mind.

    A workout room. A sewing room. A home office. A library. A den.


Homes that have an extra room that can be used as a den can make great use of that space and expand its limitations beyond a single purpose. Read on for some tips on how to turn a coveted spare room into a highly useful den.

What Use?

Will your den be used exclusively as a study or will it have an expanded purpose? A den can be a quasi home office with a computer station, a book area and a recliner.

You can also bring in a television with an entertainment station or use your den as a quiet place to unwind following a stressful day at work. How you use your den is up to you and, therefore, it should be planned accordingly.

Location Matters

Modern homes have a den installed, the first room off of the main living area and located near the front door. These ready-made rooms are perfect and highly suitable, but if your home is not so equipped, then you need to look at other possibilities.

Such possibilities include a second floor spare bedroom. Your unused dining room. A sectioned off area of your living or family room. A laundry room. Or even space in your attic or basement that can be repurposed.

Get Connected

Your proposed den may already have the possibilities of serving its intended purposes, but there are a few things that you need to evaluate first. And that evaluation should comprise the room’s potential and what you need to do to bring it up to that level.

First, remove from the room everything that it contains that isn’t needed for the den. Second, paint the walls. Third, place down new carpeting or clean same. If you like the wood floors, consider installing an area rug especially if your den is on the second floor. A rug can absorb sound. Fourth, check that the room is sufficiently wired for your needs. Fifth, your den should have a sufficient heating and cooling connection.

Put it Together

The room cleaned and repairs made, you’re ready to complete the transformation process. Here, you will want to assemble the furniture that will make your den look great, even complete.

Some ideas include: a work area with a computer, printer and fax. An entertainment area with a widescreen television and Wii remote. You can also put in shelving, a floor lamp, a bookcase, a couch, your favorite recliner and a compact refrigerator.

Den or an Office?

Consider what you call this room especially if it is a home office deduction that you are looking to gain. Adding in many of the other things you enjoy won’t necessarily stop you from taking a tax credit, but it can run you afoul of the IRS if your room is mostly a den and hardly an office.

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