4 Room or Space Repurpose Ideas

4 Room or Space Repurpose Ideas
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    Is it time to consider a new purpose for an old room or living space?

    Repurposing a room means changing it from its original intended use or purpose and acquiring a new idea for using that area.


The most significant advantage of this option is that you do not have to expand the home for the new purpose. Instead, you can think of creative ways to make better use of the space you have.

1. Under Stairs Space

That dead space under a stairwell can be put to good work if it is open and currently unused. Depending how steep and tall the stairs are, you may have little to significant space to work with.

Two ideas for repurposing come to mind: storage and office. You can hang shelving or enclose the space underneath the stairs to create a storage space including a closet. Or, you can leave it open, place a desk underneath and create an instant office or work area. You may need to work on stair insulation to quiet the creaking steps or you can tell your teen to put on her earplugs and study away.

2. The Dining Room Dilemma

Many homes have dining rooms, but families routinely eat in the kitchen. Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter represent the extent of your dining room use, with the other 362 days spent eating in the kitchen or the family room.

With so little interest in the dining room, you now have space that could be put to more frequent and better use. Some ideas include creating the family room that your home does not have, turning it into a theater room or perhaps a game room. Set up a ping pong table and have at it!

3. From Living Room to Library

Homes with both a living room and a family room have ample space to convert one of the two into a new room. There are several ways you can go with this including making a den, an office or a library.

A library can also serve as a work area, but its main purpose would be to house the many books you treasure and have no room for elsewhere in the house. You can set up book shelves, install built ins and provide a work or writing area as well. Add in a lazy chair, a couch or other comfortable area where you can work with your laptop or use your touchpad.

4. Bedroom to a Bathroom and a Closet

For a more aggressive renovation, consider converting that very small and never used bedroom into a closet and a spare bathroom. This option is ideal in a home with four or more bedrooms and with no more than two bathrooms.

This project is doable if you have plumbing in place or are easily able to connect to the existing plumbing. Split the room in half or open it to another bedroom for extra closet access and easy bathroom reach. Come away with a sizable bathroom and a walk-in closet, positive renovations that can also add value to your home if designed correctly.

Repurpose This

Other areas of the home that might be repurposed include a bonus room. You can turn that into a study, a sewing room or even an exercise room. If you have a basement, you can divide that space to create separate work, laundry and living areas, making good use of that underused space.

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