How to Make a Den

How to Make a Den
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    Not every home improvement project involves a massive renovation or must become an expensive undertaking.

    That’s a relief for cash strapped homeowners who may want to selectively choose these projects carefully.


One of the more affordable projects is making a den. After all, if you have a spare bedroom, then that room can be repurposed to become a den, right? Well, yes. However, if you want to make this room special, you’ll need to take under consideration several things before you move your desk, chair and computer into your newly minted den.

Survey the room

— Does you den have enough natural light. If not, is there enough light overhead to brighten the room when you turn on the switch? Take a look at the number of outlets in this room — you’ll want to plug in lamps, computer equipment and have a phone line available. If your electrical and broadcast lines are not sufficient, you’ll need to hire an electrician to run some lines for you.

Temperature control

— Your den will be the place where you spend plenty of time especially if you also use it as your home office. Sure, make room for the couch and flat screen television and add other accouterments for your man cave. You’ll also want a room that is sufficiently comfortable year ‘round. That may mean having an electrician making a separate heating and cooling zone just for your den or area of the house. Your proposed den may seem comfortable today, but with computer equipment and furniture included, it can heat up fast.

Walls and flooring

— A first floor den located adjacent to a noisy room of the house may be hard to handle. What you can do is install sound deadening panels on your walls to absorb some of the noise. You can also choose your furniture wisely and set it up strategically — place that bulky home center against the wall facing your garage, kitchen or living room. Thick carpeting or an area rug can come in handy if your den is on the second floor and you don’t want your frequent movements disturb people below you. Invest in an office floor protector to help preserve your carpet.

Office Furniture

— Besides the couch, big TV and mini fridge, your den may include library shelving, desk, chair and computer equipment. If room is tight, find furniture that can occupy one area of your room, preferably with shelving space that can run up and down one corner with desk space on either side of it. Cabinet space can fit underneath your table and lighting can be derived from smartly placed lamps, a table lamp or both.

You may find that investing in custom shelving is one way to create your den, hiring a carpenter to create the needed space and to handle other tasks including installing a sound proof door. Make good use of your guy while he is still on site and your electrician too to ensure that your den office is everything that you want it to be.

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