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Heating and Cooling

Simple Fix: 4 Normal Heating Issues That Are Easily Remedied

Tweet Before calling the repairman, check for these four normal heating issues that are easily remedied. Check the Thermostat It’s 65 degrees in your home. You’ve got the thermostat set

Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Jan 31: Let’s Have a Room Painting Party

Tweet Winter is a great time to paint or re-touch the rooms of your home. It can brighten up your winter blues as you splash a little color on the


4 Questions to Ask Potential Garage Builders

Tweet Whether you’re adding a new garage to provide more storage space or building your dream workshop, choosing the right garage builder is essential to the success of your project.


6 Ideas for Your Basement

Tweet Are you looking to add a guestroom or want a game/play room for your kids? Are you looking for that perfect gym that won’t fit anywhere else in your

Plumbing and Wiring

5 Home Plumbing Jobs You Can’t Ignore

Tweet Whether you choose a DIY repair or to hire the services of a professional plumber, there are at least 5 home plumbing jobs you can’t ignore. 1. Leaky Faucets

Nursery Room

How to Baby Proof Your House in Five Easy Steps

Tweet In fact, you can simplify this chore down to five easy steps to something you can handle in a weekend. Hands and Knees Remember, a mobile child is going

Home Inspections

Home Inspections will Save A Lot of Money for Home Buyers

Tweet There are a number of reputable companies that offer these services to aspiring home buyers and home sellers at very reasonable fees. Some of the benefits of hiring inspection

Home Interior Design

5 Features That Give Your Home a Rustic Look

Tweet Here’s how to include a few pieces scattered throughout the house in order to lend a unique farmhouse flair without having your home appear like it’s stuck in the

Home Security

Two Types of Home Security Systems: Wireless and Wired

Tweet Not all homes are safe as they lack all the essential security devices that make a home secure. Also, the crime rate is on the rise and many people

Roofing and Gutters

Your Roof: To Repair or Replace? That is the Question

Tweet Repairing a roof involves going into problem areas and replacing damaged roofing materials with new ones. This can be a perfectly good option, but there are certain circumstances where


5 Steps to Choosing a Home Renovation Contractor

Tweet So you want to change the look and arrangement of your home but aren’t a contractor; who are you going to trust with the biggest, most expensive, investment in

Featured Home Safety

Weekly Tip for Jan 24: Do You Have A Fire Escape Plan?

How secure is your home or apartment? How safe are your fire – smoke and carbon monoxide detectors? Get the latest on home security technology and how best to protect your home from danger.

Quick Checklist

Quick Checklist:     Refinishing Your Bathroom Can Make It Look Like New

There are many good reasons to get your bathroom refinished. You might have just purchased a home with a bathroom that looks like it’s stuck in the 19th century.

Featured Flooring

Flooring 101: Everything You Need to Know About Hardwood Floors

Ripping up old carpet or laminate flooring is a common part of most home renovations. It’s rare to find a modern home today that doesn’t have hardwood floors. That’s because there’s no flooring quite like hardwood. A room is instantly brought to life with the warm look of wood, making the space more elegant and inviting.

Home Renovation

Frugal Home Renovation Guide

Home improvement can really run you into a serious amount of debt if you’re not careful about your expenses and finances. If you tend to spend money on the project then you will need to be really ready for what comes ahead and well ahead of time at that.

Just Bath

Guidelines for Finding the Right Bath for Your Bathroom

Finding the right bathtub is a very personal decision that should involve careful thought and planning before you buy.

Featured Garage

Garage Screens: Another Room With a View

If you are like a lot of people, it would be debatable as to whether you consider your garage a good use of space. After all, garages are usually built to house and protect your cars, but when it comes right down to it, garages do anything but.

Featured Home Safety

Gas Leaks: 4 Ways to Avoid a Deadly Situation

Any household that has access to gas is at risk of suffering from leaks. Gas leaks are not only harmful to the health of residents, but can lead to death in some cases.


Creating the Perfect Den: 3 Different Purposes for Your Private Getaway

A well-designed den can work as a home office, family room, spare bedroom, library or – ideally – a combination of all the above. No matter who wants to relax or why, the home den should be the place to do it.

Pest Control

4 Green Pest Control Tips for Your Home

According to The Guardian, treatments for pest infestation can run a home owner over $500 per visit and isn’t covered by homeowners insurance.