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Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Design

If you could install a swimming pool in your backyard this summer, what pool design would you use? It all depends on the budget. But if you want your swimming pool to add value, design it correctly.

Master Bedroom

Design Concepts for Small Master Bedroom

So you have small master bedroom area. Just enough room to put your queen size bed frame. So how should you design your small space to make it look spacious?

Holiday Events

Mardi Gras From Around the World

Celebrating Mardi Gras from around the world. We begin in New Orleans and then head south to Mexico and Rio de Janeiro. Fat Tuesday in next week.

Driveways & Walkways

Making a Statement with Exterior Stone Look

It’s time to elevate the value of your home up as it relates to your exterior home design. Need to consider stone hardscapes for walkway, fencing and patio floor.


Being Creative With a Sand Zen Garden Design

Let’s be creative in your garden design. How about doing a sand zen garden. Using sand, rocks and some ornaments to create build, relaxing design.

Analysis Laundry/Mudroom/Cleaning

photo image analysis: Functional Laundry Room

What builders somethings leave out in home construction is a functional laundry room area. Most homes have just space for washer and dryer. A functional laundry room has more. Let’s view this pic image and view why a remodeling may include something more for a laundry room.


Home Lighting Review: Contemporary Styled Pendant Lighting

You might know what you want for those overhead lights in the kitchen or living room. How about the contemporary look? Let’s view some sample.

Walls and Ceiling

wall color paint sample: Let’s Go With Something Gold

Have you consider gold as part of the paint color for your living room? Maybe just some shades or streaks of gold. Let’s take a look at some gold paint samples.


Into the Basement for Recreation and Everything Fun

Let’s go down into the basement for some fun. Because you have converted your basement into a recreation room for family fun and gatherings.

Holiday Events

Good Morning! It’s Presidents’ Day

It’s February 18 – the official Presidents Day to honor those who occupied the White House. It’s time to reflect on our heritage.

Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen Hood for Lighting and Kitchen Escape

Cooking cooking cooking. Smells smells smells. That is what a good cook does. So having a kitchen island or range hood can help move the smells away from the kitchen.

Decks & Patios

Having a Covered Deck for More Comfortable Enjoyment

Imagine walking out onto your deck and it’s a bit cool and shady – perfect for a nice conversation with friends. That is because you have installed a nice cover over you deck. It could be a solid roof or pergola.