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Analysis Laundry/Mudroom/Cleaning

photo analysis: Ideas for Small Laundry Rooms

Laundry – it has to be done. But thanks to technology, we can do our laundry in the convenience of your home. But many of us are limited to a small area. So what can you do to your laundry room to make it functional and easier to manage?


4 Ways to Increase Biodiversity on Your Property

As global climate change intensifies, some people have become convinced there is nothing they can do to help the earth. Instead of giving up, a better strategy is to look for ways to make small, positive changes where you live.


Get Creative: 5 Ways to Update Your Garden This Summer

Summer gardening is a whole different ball game than other seasons. With all that sunshine, it’s hard to stay out of the gardens. People like to use this season to play with their methods, their plant choices, and other fun landscaping ideas.


How to Design Your Bathroom: The Top Tips to Know

Of all of the home projects out there, a bathroom remodel provides the most significant boost in your home’s resale value. In fact, Zillow estimates that, for every $1 you put into the space, you get back $1.71when you sell your home. Here are our best bathroom design tips.


Making Wise Use Of Your Attic Space

The attic is valuable space that is often underutilized. Meaning that attics are often relegated as storage space for items that build up over time. Maybe that attic should be converted into something else.

Modern Kitchen

Modern Kitchen Benchtops – The Latest Kitchen Trends 2020

Kitchen benchtops – same thing as kitchen countertops. They play an important design role in any kitchen planning. So when selecting tops for your kitchen, take in consideration the ideas below that are some the latest trends for 2020.

Garden Planting

landscaping (annual flowers) –      Cosmos

Cosmo can mean two different things. It could mean the cosmo universe or the cosmo garden. Either way, cosmo gives a lot of color for the garden and sky.

Decks & Patios

Inviting Tiny Terrace or Patio Decoration Ideas in 2020

The terrace or patio can be a relaxing place to spend some quality ‘Me time’. Usually, it happens that we pay a lot of attention decorating our homes and interiors but terraces are spaces that hardly catch our attention.

Remodeling Ideas

5 Top Tips to Maintain Your Luxury Home

Many people dream of their ideal home, as a fantastic place, with both a garden and a pool. If you are lucky enough to have bought yourself one of these luxury homes, you might be aware that you need to do a little extra maintenance to keep specific, often distinctive features looking their best.

Analysis Home Entry Stairway

photo analysis: Making The Home Entry Way Functional

Welcome home! That is what you expect when walking through your front door. But what do you see? Do you see a formal, nicely design home entryway? Or do you need an entryway that is functional – meaning a place to remove coat and shoes?

Green Home

Home Additions That Can Save You Money Long Term

If you’re like most homeowners, you’re on a budget. You look for any way to save money that you can. Fortunately, there are some home additions that you can make that will save you big bucks over the long haul.

Home Storage

Smart Storage Tips For Kids` Bedroom/Playroom

Admit it, the sight of your kid’s jumbled room is not an appealing endeavor. Toys scattered all over the place, clothes on the floor, beddings under the bed, well, it can be quite bothersome.