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Doors and Windows

Using Large Picture Windows to Open Up a Landscaping View

Need to install some windows – so what style of window should you use? How about french windows – large french windows for the fabulous view.

Child/Teen Bedroom

Designing a Girls Bedroom

So you have a young girl at home nearing the teenage years. She wants to decorate her bedroom the reflect her personality and more importantly, a design that she can share with her friends.

Vintage Decor

What to Do With Vintage Tables and Desks

So you want to have a vintage table or desk (and chair) for you home den or office. They are nice collections to have. Question is how to care for it and how to decorate it to give you the perfect vintage look.


Home Lighting Review: Modern Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights – better referenced as hanging ceiling lights – add beauty and value to any room. So let’s take a look at some modern styled pendant lighting.


Getting Into Your Attic With Style

Need to get to the attic. So why not build a stylish attic staircase that connects the attic with any floor level. It could be elaborate in style or something simple. Just stylish enough to make you proud.

Analysis Style Kitchens

photo image analysis: When Redesigning Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house.It’s a cooking – eating – and meeting place among family and friends. So in your kitchen design, you want the kitchen to be functional and an enjoyable place to sit while you waste time away. Let’s analyze together this pic image idea – it will you something to consider for your kitchen do-over.


Spring Planning For a Yard Tennis Court

Do you love the game of tennis? How about your other family members? So why not build your own back yard tennis court? Add a basketball, volleyball, and badminton to the mix to give an all-around play area.

Nursery Room

Taking Another Nursery Decor Look

Let’s take another look at nursery room decor. It’s one of the rooms that is fun to decorate with all kinds of colors and furniture pieces. So let’s have fun!


The Basement is the Perfect Space for Home Utility

One key function of the basement area is utility. Meaning the basement space is to house those items such as HVAC, laundry, and other “home utility” needs.

Spas and Hot Tubs

Adding a Hot Tub to Your Swimming Area

A hot tub pool combo is a nice feature to have in your swimming pool area. You can easily move between the two water units to warm yourself up and then cool yourself down. Perfect for those cool swimming months.


Garage Wall Decor (for Storing Items)

Your garage wall is a great place to store garden tools, shovels, auto parts, and other garage related needs. You just need to have the right storage racks to do the job and to keep it organized.

Analysis Sun Room

photo image analysis: All-Season Sunroom Design and Decor

Why would you like to have a year-round sunroom? It’s a room where you can enjoy the outdoors without the pesky elements of insects, rain, and unpleasant temperatures. It is your personal garden within the home.