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Something Different for the Interior – Ethanol Fireplace Units

There you are – sitting next to a fire that is making you totally relaxed. But this fire is an ethanol fire – sitting atop a table or placed upon the floor. Come and let’s view some samples.


Lighting Review: Something Interesting Pendant Lighting

There are all kinds of pendant lighting. Many you can buy online or via retail. Or something that is interesting and creative. Maybe something DYI. Let’s take a look at some ideas.

Garden Planting

landscaping (annual flowers) – –      Vinca

The nice thing about vinca is that the flower can take a very hot summer day and remain colorful and virbrant. Drought tolerant too. Perfect bedding flower.

Doors and Windows

Why Not Renovate a Sunny Room to Keep It Bright

You just need more natural light. Something that will brighten up the kitchen or other interior room. Then you need large picture windows. Brings in natural light and an outside view.


Not Just a Toilet … But a Stylish Toilet

Maybe something you don’t think about much. But someday you will need to replace or upgrade your toilet. Question is what kind of style?

HVAC & Utilities

Infographic: Reducing Heat Loss in Your Home

How often have you sat at home wrapped in a cardigan or sweater and still felt a bitter cold seeping into your bones? You might wonder how your home could be so cold all the time, but a quick walkthrough of the property may reveal several sources of preventable heat loss.

Country/Farm Kitchen

Feeling a Little Country … Country Kitchen That Is!

Got some country kitchen feeling. Nice choice. It’s simple in design with a welcome home feeling. Something to consider in your kitchen remodeling plan.

Holiday Events

Celebrating the Easter Morning!

It’s Easter morning … beautiful morning to celebrate the renewing spring and the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Enjoy your morning.

Home Decor

Window Blinds – All Types for Shade and Privacy

You have all types of window blinds to block the hot sun rays and to give you privacy. Let’s review the varying types of window blinds for your particular room.

Garden Planting

landscaping (annual flowers) –      Geraniums

copyright image by Pixabay 1 | Pixabay 2 What to know about geraniums – Notes: About Geraniums: The geranium is an annual plant (can thrive as a perennial in zones

Automation & Security

There is a Tornado Storm Warning – What’s Next

Dark clouds ahead – could it mean a tornado? Depends where you are. But if you live within tornado alley, dark clouds ahead may mean you need to seek shelter.

Kitchen Accessories

Understanding Pork – Looking At The Different Cuts and Cooking

Understanding pork – where does it come from – the different pork butcher cuts – and how to cook pork to enjoy each different cut.