7 Reasons To Call Air Conditioning Installation Services Before Remodeling

7 Reasons To Call Air Conditioning Installation Services Before Remodeling
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    Remodeling a home is truly an exciting but laborious project that can take you months to plan.

    During this project, most people usually only look at the surface and forget crucial details like their HVAC. 


There are many reasons why homeowners decide to remodel. Home improvement’s number one goal is to make the home more comfortable for the entire family.

On average, homes should be renovated every 15-20 years. In the United States, home improvement expenditure amounted to USD$457 billion in 2020.

Homeowners also do this if they want to elevate the value of their home should they decide on selling it and transferring to a different location in the future.

However, people don’t realize it’s crucial to consider their home’s HVAC in a home renovation. Before starting any project, you may need to call your air conditioning installation services. Here are the reasons why you need to do this:

To Get Advice On How To Best Protect Your Unit

A home renovation means there will be a lot of dust and dirt in the process. Suppose your family needs to transfer and move out temporarily while at it; your HVAC unit may also need to. Your air conditioning experts may suggest something like covering the vents.

They may also advise that using plastic sheeting to cover an area would be sufficient to protect your unit. It would be best to remember that an HVAC unit is a considerable investment, and damaging it while remodeling your home may mean additional unexpected expenditure.    

 To Know If You Will Need To Add Another Unit 

Suppose you plan to extend your livable space to add an entertainment room or library or make your living room more extensive. It could also mean that your current HVAC won’t be able to handle the demand, and you might need to add another unit.

Air conditioning experts can help you with the computation and advise you whether to add another AC and which kind you need to invest in.   

To Determine If You Need To Upgrade

The average lifespan of an HVAC unit is 15 years. If your unit has served its time, you may need to upgrade it. Suppose your HVAC is far from that age but is not performing as expected. Experts may suggest that you upgrade it since it may only incur higher energy expenses if allowed to run in an inefficient condition.

An HVAC unit that is always serviced because of breakdowns and poor performance is also very costly. So, consider an expert’s advice on whether you need to upgrade your unit or not. 

To Know If You Need To Expand Ductwork

Suppose you’re adding another room for a growing child in the household; that could mean expanding your ductwork to facilitate the airflow to that new additional space. The air conditioning experts may also inspect your current ductwork and check if it needs replacing to match the newly remodeled home’s structure. 

To Find Out If You Need To Install A Split HVAC System

Another less costly option that is easier to install is acquiring a split HVAC system. This system consists of an outdoor condenser unit and a blower unit installed on the exterior wall.

Its compressor pumps the refrigerant into the condenser; as this move through the condenser, it cools down and evaporates into a liquid. Each space you want to cool down will require a thermostat for control.

wall-mounted ductless hvacfloor-mounted system

      some ductless HVACs ideas to consider      

This system can ensure adequate temperature in all rooms with the thermostat. Calling an HVAC expert can help determine if this system would be a more efficient option for your home.  

Help With Securing Permit

By law, any alterations in your home will require a permit. Moving and replacing your HVAC requires this, and not following may result in penalties. Your air conditioning experts can help you secure a warrant before you begin the renovation work.

Ensure Your Home Will Pass Inspection

The local government does inspections to protect you and your family. Your contractor must ensure they follow all manufacturer’s standards in installing units to guarantee their safety.

Inspections are also crucial in the effectiveness of your home insurance. Ensuring that you get the services of a reputable contractor for this job can protect your home and maintain the validity of your insurance. If an unfortunate incident happens like a fire or water damage because of HVAC, your security will not be jeopardized. 

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Planning for a home remodeling is an extensive process. But it is one that you need to do in detail since any mediocre work may mean additional expenses for you.

Your home’s HVAC is an essential factor to consider in this process, one that you can’t dismiss. Remember that you’re doing this remodeling for the comfort and enjoyment of your family, and making the home a cozy place includes having the proper temperature at all times.

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