Creative Ways To Hide An Indoor and Outdoor HVAC

Creative Ways To Hide An Indoor and Outdoor HVAC
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    An HVAC system is a pretty vital component of any luxury home, but that doesn't mean you want to draw attention to it.


Concealing or disguising your air conditioning unit, both inside and outside the property, can increase its aesthetic appeal and prevent your HVAC from impacting your perfectly designing interior and exterior spaces.

HVAC Hiding Tips To Use Indoors

Let’s start with concealing HVAC units on the inside of your property. After all, installing an AC unit should not come at the cost of your interior design.

  • Build a Cabinet Around Your AC

    A cabinet is a great way to disguise the location of an AC unit while still allowing easy access to it.

    Of course, the cabinet will need to have wide die-cuts or open slats to enable plenty of airflow from the AC unit and through the cabinet doors.

    Even with fairly wide openings in the cabinet, under most lighting conditions it will be too dark inside to see the AC unit, making it appear like an ordinary, functional, or decorative cabinet to the casual observer.

  • Get a Custom Decorative Air Grill

    A decorative air grill is another way to incorporate an HVAC seamlessly into your interior design, requiring less space (and drawing less attention) than a decorative cabinet.

    These depend much more upon the specifics of your home layout and HVAC design, however, and may not be possible in every home or every room within a home.

    They are a great option if your home features ducts within the walls, however, if there is not enough room to place the AC unit in line with the interior wall, a cabinet may be a more elegant option.

  • Think About Practical Wall Mounted Shelf

    Much like a cabinet, a wall-mounted shelf can effectively disguise an AC unit by surrounding it with more functional furniture.

    A shelf unit with a covered section to hide your HVAC can make for a stylish and natural addition to the room that will completely conceal your AC unit from view, while still allowing it to cool the space.

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Clever Ways Of Hiding Outdoor HVAC

Hiding the indoor AC units may be your top priority, but you can also keep your outdoor spaces free from the sight of your HVAC installation too. Try out one of these methods:

  • Tall Shrubs Around AC Unit

    Tall shrubbery is perfect for hiding outdoor HVAC units. Air can move freely through the plant leaves, allowing the unit to function normally while completely hidden by natural greenery.

    Bear in mind that your AC unit expels hot air which can kill off shrubs that are planted too close, so always leave a little distance.

  • Use A Folding Screen

    A folding screen is a highly portable option that can be easily moved or rearranged as needed. As a result, it is a very inexpensive and hassle-free way to hide an outdoor HVAC, just make sure to fix it in place or weigh it down in case of high winds.

  • DIY Garden Wood Trellis

    A garden trellis is one of the simplest and most flexible options for concealing an AC unit outdoors. It is a simple way to hide the unit by placing a garden feature around it then you can easily create yourself with minimal DIY skills.

    This is a great option not just for ground-level HVAC units, but also for wall or roof-mounted units. Feel free to grow vines on the lattices to make the look feel more natural, but make sure the vines and leaves don’t grow densely enough to restrict the airflow.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Hiding AC Unit

As you can see, there are plenty of different ways to hide your AC unit while working with your overall design style. However, there are some important rules to bear in mind before you start implementing any of them.

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First of all, never obstruct or impede the airflow around the unit. Not only will this make your air conditioning system less able to regulate the temperature of your property, but it can also damage the unit itself.

Without sufficient airflow, the unit may overheat and cease to function, leaving you stuck without any cooling until it can be repaired by a qualified technician.

Secondly, and on a related note, make sure your HVAC concealment solution still allows for easy access to the unit. Anything that restricts an AC technician’s ability to access the unit will be a problem when it comes time for servicing, maintenance or repairs.

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