Why Ducted AC System Is Better For Your Home

Why Ducted AC System Is Better For Your Home
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    In the HVAC world there are a wide variety of system types and applications to accommodate nearly any request.


The catch is that there are several components that must be taken into account when selecting a system that is correct for the application.

Things to Consider When Picking an AC System for Your Home

Some of the primary things to think about when selecting a system are: initial investment of the system, energy consumption, required maintenance, sound, aesthetics, and overall comfort expectations and satisfaction of the space to name a few.

The challenging part of selecting the appropriate system is that there are some aspects that aren’t easily quantified (like sound and aesthetics) when trying to compare to something as tangible as dollars spent up front.

The key is to be informed of what is available and why one system may be a better solution than another in particular applications. When looking at what system makes the most sense for your home, it is clear that a ducted AC system should be the first choice.

So What Exactly Is A Ducted AC System?

A ducted AC system typically comes in the form of an indoor unit that contains a fan and coil that connects to an outdoor unit. Indoor units have a wide variety of styles to accommodate nearly any space. Reputable HVAC companies such as Deep Chill has some of the best ducted air conditioning Gold Coast has to offer.

The main benefit of ducting the AC system is that the air can be designed to reach the optimal spots inside your home. For example, during the winter it is advantageous to have heat along the exterior wall due to the heat transfer to the outside. This can help to overcome any heat loss through the wall to create a more uniform temperature distribution inside your home.

Another example would be the capability of minimizing drafts within the household. It may feel nice for your family to have the air blowing directly on them when they first step inside the house, but what about after spending an entire day catching up and binge watching your favorite TV series?

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Less Distracting and Aesthetically Pleasing

Another great benefit of a ducted AC unit is that it can create a less distracting and aesthetically pleasing environment for you family to live in. Concealing the ductwork and unit can make for a more flexible interior design of the space.

It is also invaluable to have the source of noise (from the fan) to be located in a spot that helps to dampen the sound. It can be a major distraction for your family to have to listen to a unit fan turning on and off, or worse, a compressor starting up in the wee hours, while they are getting their much needed sleep. These are just a few of the things that you can do to create a better and comfortable environment for you and your family.

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Cost-Effective, Low Maintenance, and Energy Efficient

Beyond some of the benefits for your family, a ducted AC unit can substantially help you in terms of saving energy consumption and maintenance. Having a single compressor serving multiple zones compared to each zone having a compressor helps reduce the total number of mechanical components for less points of failure. This also helps to reduce cycling of the compressor.

Lastly, there are additional options to improve efficiency like variable speed fans, zoned temperature control, and scheduled space set points that can adjust airflow to match exactly what is needed.

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