Prudent Renovations: 4 Remodelling Ideas for ‘Extra’ Market Value

Prudent Renovations: 4 Remodelling Ideas for ‘Extra’ Market Value
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    When it comes to adding value to your home, there are numerous measures home-owners can take to redefine their respective property’s value in the real estate market.


Creating that ‘extra’ value for a residential property requires creativity, prudent decision-making and a willingness to spend where necessary. Budgeting an extensive home renovation could be costly, especially for those who are new to this concept altogether. To aid the inexperienced home owner, we have put up a list of ideas with the help of home improvement consultants from Nexus Home Improvements. These ideas can be adopted by those willing to remodel their properties for an impactful market value shift.

Idea #1: Growing Taller – Adding a Second Story

Sounds pricey. It could be, if you are not careful. Adding a second-story to a property usually rests on a space expansion paradigm. Single story houses are easier to manage, decorate and maintain but come at a disadvantage of limited space. Adding the second story to a property would solve that problem by giving home-owners a second chance at home remodeling. Second-story additions ideally change the façade of residential properties completely, but here is where it may get tricky. Adding an additional story should not look out of place – the finished look of the entire house should feel like it was always intended.

Second Story Tips

Structurally, there are a few things that home-owners need to be aware of. To bear the additional weight, second story’s need an additional support within their structures. This implies that there will be a need for additional steel connections within the existing support that would in turn bear the weight of a whole intended story in a property.

To connect both stories, stairs are obviously essential and of great architectural importance. Usually, stair construction requires additional space from existing rooms of the house, but if done carefully, this additional space can be minimized and used effectively to connect both stories.

Mechanically speaking, an additional story also requires remodeling companies to revisit all mechanical functions of a home, i.e. the heating systems, the cooling vents, electricity wiring, plumbing and sewage pipes. Therefore, if you feel like jumping into this mega restructuring project, think in broader perspectives and be prudent in your decision making process.

Idea #2: Story Not Possible? Fear Not, Add a Loft

A slightly easier addition, the loft is a great way to get more space and perhaps a new bathroom! A plus point of space addition using the idea of a loft is that renovation work does not interfere with a home’s running. What home-owners need to be careful of is that the loft should gel in with the overall look of the house, and have an easy access to it alongside. The existing floor will need some adjustment in terms of strengthening due to the intended increase of the floor level.

With the addition of a trendy loft, an average home’s price is likely to increase by about 10%, making it a completely worthwhile investment.

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Idea #3: Making the Best Out of Your Garage Space

Suburban home owners usually have wide garages outside of their homes that are primarily built for car parking. As a home-owner, if you think you are really using your garage for parking, then this tip might not be valid. However, if you are one of those who have transformed your garage into a glorified tool center, it is time to convert it into a useable space. You can turn your garage into a proper living space, and give it a homely feel. This renovation is also likely to increase the value of your home by a significant percentage.

Idea #4: Give Your House a Facelift

It’s time for a façade makeover. Marketeers, real estate agents and potential buyers are always on the lookout for homes that have an exquisite exterior. If you do not want to add to your existing space, or turn your garage into a usable space, you can just target your home’s existing exterior. Consider changing the windows and shutters completely, repainting from the outside specifically, maintaining the front lawn or refurbishing the main door.

All these measures are likely to increase the value of your home immediately, simultaneously not being too expensive for the wallet.            



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