Maintain your Water Heater Using Revived HWS

Maintain your Water Heater Using Revived HWS
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    You may be worried at times on looking at your power bill those are beyond your expectations.

    Nevertheless, have you ever thought of the practices those are essential to ensure efficiency of your water heating system.


Unfortunately, most of the users overlook the maintenance instructions and guidelines provided by the manufacturers. Because of your lack of awareness, you are paying extra, that too recurrently and leaving extra carbon footprint.

How to Choose a Hot Water Service for water heater maintenance?

Following are the factors you should consider judiciously prior to select any appliance that produces hot water.

  • Size of household:

    It is necessary to know the household size in order to determine your hot water consumption patterns and requirements.

  • Cost of purchase and cost of operation:

    Both have serious impacts and need your consideration.

  • Consideration for solar water heater:

    If a solar HWS is to be installed there should be enough north facing roof space.

  • Up-gradation of the existing system:

    Your existing hot water service can easily be converted to more sustainable one.

  • Change of energy source:

    A solar system emits most negligible greenhouse gas. Whereas, a natural gas system generates fewer such gases than an electric HWS. Now, the choice is yours.

  • Use of centrally heating system:

    Cost effective central water heating system is a good option for multiple users. You have to consider having the highly insulated storage tanks and boosters in each unit.

  • The under-consideration concept:

    MEPS is the new concept of standardization for water heaters to eliminate the model of your system if it is inefficient.

  • Star rating labels:

    The more stars, on a scale of highest six, on the label of your water heater, the more efficient your system is.

Tips on Hot Water System Revival

You can easily reduce your expense on hot water service and bad environmental impact by reducing the use of hot water and switching over to green energy sources. Your water heating system consumes almost 21% of your energy bill on an average. You need not compromise with your lifestyle while having an efficient HWS.

Followings are the most easily implacable tips to achieve the goal regardless of the type of your water heater:

  • Showering uses the hottest water in any household. Install a water efficient showerhead. It will reduce the use by 50%. Use a timer to remind everyone to save water and energy.
  • Buy hot water service gadgets those have cold, warm water, and economy cycle options.
  • Do not neglect dripping hot water taps and leaking appliances.
  • The thermostat of continuous flow HWSs should be set at below 50°C. Higher temperature means higher wastage of energy.
  • In case, you do not need hot water or need it only for short uses, move the mixer tap to the cold position.
  • Maintain the system; have it serviced periodically and as routine, according to manufacturer’s instructions.

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