Getting My Trees Ready for Summer

Getting My Trees Ready for Summer
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    How much maintenance can your trees need?

    Well, if you want a healthy garden, trees should be looked after.


Over the winter and into the spring, a lot of us neglect our gardens. Trees don’t need a lot of care, but it tends to be quite a big job when they do.

In this guide, we explore how to get your trees ready for summer and ensure they are looking their best and growing strongly. Your process will be different if you have a 50-year-old oak tree compared to a young cherry tree you are trying to encourage to grow. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t closely consider the care needed for both.

Younger trees might need a bit of TLC and encouragement to grow. Older trees might be growing out of control, which means it could be time to trim your trees. In this guide, we’re sharing some top tips to get your trees ready for the summer months.

Conduct Weed Control

No, it isn’t the most glamorous job. Yes, it is essential. Some weeds are incredibly hardy and can last through the winter. They can grow through the winter.

Weeds look messy. They’re also out of your control, and some proliferate. It’s best to make weed control a priority, but not just because they are an eyesore in your garden.

You might think that weeds don’t have much of an impact on your trees, but you would be wrong. Weeds are constantly fighting your trees for nutrients, water, and light.

A young tree might not grow or flower anywhere near as well if it is deprived of any of these things, let alone all three. For the sake of your trees and your garden in general, it’s time to get rid of the weeds.

Focus on Trimming & Pruning

This is the best time to get your trees pruned. If you are confident, you can do this yourself. If not, you might opt to get a professional company to work on your trees.

As the summer approaches, you want to make way for new flowers (if you have a flowering tree). This can mean cutting away old dead branches and flowers that won’t bloom again. This is the pruning side of tree maintenance.

If your trees are already well established, trimming might be a way to try and prevent infection or even inhibit growth. Overgrown trees can be a hazard, so it is good to get the professionals in to carry out an assessment. The bigger the tree, the more chance of getting in the line of sight of traffic or causing breakages if it comes down in the wind.

tree planting toolstree planting stakes

      some tree planting tools to consider      

Assess The Trees For Pests

Pests can have a devastating impact on your trees, and if you’ve left them over the winter, who knows what effect the problems have had?

Check for signs of infestations and pests that could potentially be killing your tree from the inside. Many species of beetle, lice, and other bugs can be causing a tremendous amount of damage. You might not even realize it is happening.

There are a variety of pest threats, which are changing all the time with imported wildlife. In recent years, Chicago has seen ash trees being destroyed by emerald ash borer bugs. This is a problem for the whole ecosystem. Humans need trees to thrive.

There are an estimated six bn dead trees standing in the west of the US. If you are worried about your trees, check for stunted growth, foliage yellowing, or signs of bugs nibbling at the leaves. A professional will be able to help diagnose pest problems, too.

Check Your Irrigation System

How are you ensuring that trees are getting plenty of water? If you are hoping that this will be a good growth year for your trees, then the irrigation system is even more vital. For healthy and vibrant growth and plenty of fruit on your fruit trees, make sure you have provided a quality irrigation system. Drip irrigation, either on the soil or underneath, can be very effective.


If you have left your irrigation system over the winter, you can check that everything is still operating by running water to your trees and checking for moist soil nearby. This is especially important in dry areas and if you’re hoping for flowers or fruit from your trees.

Take Care of Fertilization

Trees need to be fed, too! There are many ways to fertilize trees, either using homemade compost or hoeing fertilizer compounds into the soil’s surface.

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It’s a great idea to fertilize whether your tree is one or 30 years old. However, it is an excellent idea to help out weak trees or young trees you hope will grow.

Fertilization is also essential for shrubs and flowers, and it is a good idea to keep your soil healthy, hoed, and in excellent condition no matter what you want to plant and what sort of growth you’re expecting.

Preparing trees for the summer is a job for you to do well before the temperature starts to rise. The earlier you can get in and make the changes, the better your trees will be when it is warm and pleasant enough to enjoy them.

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