Six Ways You Can Keep Your Trees Alive All Year Round

Six Ways You Can Keep Your Trees Alive All Year Round
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    Trees on your property add many benefits.

    They provide shade and lower humidity in hot weather, a home for animal life that livens up your yard, and increased property value if you decide to sell.


For all their benefits, keeping them alive all year round can be hard to do. Luckily, there are methods you can do to keep your trees thriving all year round.

Know Your Trees

Your property might only have one species of tree, or it may have several. Get to know what they all are, and how to manage them. You can learn specific tips on how to best maintain the health of each tree rather than just deal with them as a collective group.

Each type of tree requires different care. Knowing what type of tree care your tree needs will keep them alive and thriving if the methods are applied, and each individual tree is attended to. Individual care goes a long way.

Watch Out for Wildlife

Some animals can be devastating to particular trees, especially in numbers. There are many different types of repellents, barriers, and wraps that you can apply to your trees to keep critters out.

For newly planted trees, a great option would be to put a metal mesh around the base of the tree to keep out any wildlife and help the tree grow.

Find out what animals are dangerous to your trees, and then take the steps to keep them away from your property.

Tree Relocation

If you have a tree that has a hard time surviving certain seasons, it’s possible it may just be in a bad spot in your yard. Consider professional relocation of the tree to find a better spot where it can thrive.

red maple treesweeping japanese maple

      some maple trees to consider      

Tree Pruning

Pruning can be a crucial aspect of tree care. However, it needs to be done right. Doing too much pruning can weaken or even kill a tree. Alternatively, the right pruning can remove weak or diseased branches, let light into lower levels of the tree, and even reduce the overall weight of the tree to a controllable load.

Soil Testing

Sun and rain give trees much of what they need to survive, but did you know most trees actually die from the roots first moving up? To make sure this doesn’t happen with your trees, research what types of soil need to be applied to a specific tree because not all trees require the same mulch.

Make sure your soil has the nutrition your trees can use. Be especially sure that your soil is free of chemicals that could potentially hurt the mighty trunks.

Drainage Solutions

The roots of trees are supposed to draw in moisture from underground, and this is a crucial source of water for deciduous trees in seasons without their foliage.

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Still, too much of even a good thing can turn bad, so make sure that your yard is properly draining the soil. Roots that get too wet starve for oxygen and when they reach this point, there’s a high chance that the roots will rot.

Keeping your trees alive all year round means you can enjoy their beauty and benefits in every season of your local climate. By using these six techniques, you can ensure that your trees are the strongest, healthiest, and happiest that they can be.

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