The Four Best And Worst Trees To Plant In Your Yard And Why

The Four Best And Worst Trees To Plant In Your Yard And Why
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    Deciding which trees to plant in your yard can be a daunting task.

    There are many to choose from, but some are much more advantageous for your landscape than others.


Avoiding the less desirable and troublesome trees can help to save you a lot of time and money down the road. Let’s take a look at the best trees for your yard and the ones you should stay away from.

Here are four of the best trees to consider for your yard:

Arborvitae (Green Giant)

Arborvitae means the "tree of life" in Latin. Over the years, it has become a conifer that is desired by many people. It’s green foliage is dark, soft and thick. It also has a fast growth rate of three to five feet each year. This tree will not be bothered by deer or insects, but birds enjoy nesting in it, making this an ideal tree for bird lovers.

Corkscrew Willow

This is a classic tree that adds a unique appearance to any yard it is planted in. The green foliage turns a beautiful yellow just before winter sets in. The tree maintains an interesting appearance even during the coldest months of the year. It can grow 20 to 30 feet tall.

Douglas Fir

This tree is used by many people each year as a Christmas tree. However, if allowed to grow, it can enhance the appearance of everything that surrounds it. The elegant appearance of its symmetrical and pyramid-like shape is one of the Douglas Fir’s best features. This tree does not have problems with diseases or pests, so there is no need for any treatments or sprays.


The Ginkgo is known as the indestructible tree. It is able to tolerate nearly everything that nature can throw at it. It is able to grow in poor soil and can survive during an extended drought. Because their roots grow very deep, wind and snow are not a threat to the Ginkgo.

The following are four of the worst trees to include in your yard and why:

Silver Maple

This tree grows at such a fast rate that the wood becomes brittle and weak. The resulting branches can easily break in a storm. This becomes even more of problem in areas that get high winds and strong storms. In addition, the root system of this tree is shallow and has been known to crack driveways and sidewalks, causing eyesores around your home and costly repairs.

Quaking Aspen

Although this tree has attractive bark and bright colors during the summer and fall, it can be very difficult to deal with in your yard. They produce suckers which can be a problem in other areas of your yard. The tree is also affected by a variety of insects that can spread to other places, causing problems with other plants and trees.

Hybrid Poplars

These trees are extremely susceptible to a variety of diseases. Most hybrid poplars do not live longer than 15 years. More often than not, homeowners end up having to remove the tree at some point. It’s important to get the help of professionals who specialize in tree services in Sacramento to remove a dead tree. Having experts get rid of the tree will result in less damage to your yard, and give you the time you need redesign your landscape.


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Mountain Cedar

If you have allergies, this is an important tree to stay away from. It releases a large amount of pollen when the weather is cool, and causes many allergens to enter your home and increase the risk of asthma. It could also affect the allergies of any person living close to you.

Creating a aesthetically pleasing landscape with practical plants and trees can be difficult without the right information. By keeping these trees in mind, you can avoid common problems with trees and enjoy the yard you’ve always wanted for years to come.



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