5 Ways of Making Your Living Room Bigger

5 Ways of Making Your Living Room Bigger
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    Making your living room feel bigger involves many different aspects such as utilizing the available space to it's full potential, having proper lighting, adding appropriate decorations, and finally, having the right flooring.


Let us face the fact that when you are awake, you spend the maximum time in your living room. This is where you bond with your family, spend quality time with them, discuss their issues and laugh together.

So no matter how big your living room is, it will never be enough. But you can always make it bigger by utilizing some creative home improvement ideas.

1. Your home office in your living room.

Many times our living room acts as our home office too. But you may not like your guests to be peeping into your official papers. Besides, you would not like them to be strewn around when your family is home.

So try and make your closet your home office. This way you simply have to shut a door and your home office disappears from view. Besides, your papers will be safe too!

2. Increase seating space in your living room.

Have some fold-able chairs in your living room. You can also opt for a sofa cum bed for those unexpected guests.

There are stackable options too that are available. You can have chairs that fold back into the wall. This way you have more seating space.

A good option is to have floor arrangement. This way you can seat any number of people in your living room. People can lie down too and will be more comfortable this way. It allows for a more casual seating too.

3. Have proper lighting.

Have a mix of lighting in this room. In case you wish to laze around, have warm and subdued lighting. If you wish to read here, then you must have bright working lights.

You will be entertaining your guests here. So you must have lighting for those occasions too. Basically you want to have a living room that is able to fulfill all purposes.

4. Decorate it well.

Depending on the size of your living room you may decorate it. Do not clutter it as you would like people to relax here.

Here are some good home improvement ideas for your living room:

You can have paintings or wall hangings in the room. Some greenery in the form of potted plants is always welcome here. Do not keep any sad or scary paintings here. You would like it to be a happy place, not a dreary one.

You can find tons of ideas on interior decor and design. After your read, visit our interior home center for everything interior room design

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5. Use the right flooring.

You can create warmth by having the right kind of flooring. A wooden flooring works best here. Make sure that it is sturdy so that it can withstand the amount of footfall.

As you can see, your living room is an important part of your home. Now it is up to you to make it a warm. welcoming place.

Make use of these tips to make it an endearing place. Meanwhile, you can share these tips with your friends through social media. If you wish to know more about this subject, check out http://www.houseandgarden.co.uk/interiors/interior-design-ideas-small-spaces-flats/small-space-living-room-seating?next#ViewImage



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