5 Household Eyesores Sure to Drive Down Your Home Value

5 Household Eyesores Sure to Drive Down Your Home Value
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    When it comes to your home, you may have little problems and eyesores that are causing a big drop in your property value.

    You may not notice certain eyesores, but they stand out to neighbors and visitors.


Whether you’re putting your property on the market or not, you should keep an eye out for these eyesores and correct them. You’ll make your home more attractive and increase the property’s value.

The Problem with Time Warps

It doesn’t take much for your interior décor to become obsolete. However, there’s a difference between a home that’s a little dated and one that’s an uncomfortable time warp. While the wallpaper in your dining room may be forgivable, the thick shag carpeting in the family room could be a complete turnoff for visitors and buyers alike. When it comes to your home’s value, the décor does play a role. Keep your numbers higher by going with neutral or updated finishes. In addition to looking at the flooring and wall colors, you should also update light fixtures occasionally to ensure that your home fits the current time period.

The Utilitarian Feel

Home appliances are necessary, but that doesn’t mean that you want them to be front and center when you walk into the property. Keep the laundry room door closed, store small kitchen appliances in cabinets to open up counter space, and put a cover on your air conditioner during the winter months. You can find custom covers in Sugar House and around the US. These quick and easy changes will make your house feel more like a home, and that can lead to an increase in value. You’ll also make your home seem larger by taking attention away from the appliance and putting it on the open spaces.

Damaged Walls

You’re busy, so you don’t have to time to patch every little nick and dent in your wall. However, a serious wall-damage eyesore will ultimately going to cost you money if it’s not corrected. Damaged walls send the message that a home isn’t cared for, and potential buyers will make lower offers as a result. You should plan on checking and painting interior walls every few years. This is also a great opportunity for you to update colors and the overall décor.

Signs of Mice and Other Pests

Most people don’t want to live in a home that has unwanted visitors, but this isn’t the only reason pests can drag down your home’s value. The larger problem with rodents, termites, carpenter ants and other pests is that they can physically damage your home. The more severe the infestation becomes, the more your home value will drop. If you’re seeing signs of insects or rodents, then it’s important to address the problem promptly and make any repairs.

One key element that will increase your home value, a nice lawn and garden landscape. Winter coming. So now is time to pencil draft ideas for a nice looking yard come spring. Jump over to our garden landscaping center for ideas. But wait! How about giving this article a quick comment/share to your friends and family as a holiday read.

Messy Areas

People are so turned off by piles of junk that a messy yard can actually have a negative impact on a neighbor’s property value. Unfortunately, you don’t have a great deal of control over your neighbor and how he treats his land, but you can control what happens on yours. Keep the yard clean and free of clutter. Trim the grass regularly, and try to rake up the leaves in the fall. When your home is clean and well maintained, you and your neighbors will all enjoy higher property values.

The challenge with eyesores is that they essentially become invisible when you see them every day. One way to spot problem areas is to take pictures of your home inside and out. The camera will highlight the spots that you just don’t see anymore. Correct the problems promptly to increase your property value. In addition to creating a more enjoyable living space, you’ll also make your home more attractive to potential buyers when it’s time to sell.



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