Must-Know Repair Tips for Living in an Older Apartment

Must-Know Repair Tips for Living in an Older Apartment
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    An easy way to make living in an older apartment more bearable is by learning a few do-it-yourself techniques.

    This way you can keep your frugal lifestyle and won't have to bother with a technician or landlord every time something goes wrong.


Insulating an Apartment to Keep Out Drafts

The caulking around an older apartment’s windows and doorways often will degrade and wear down, and if you don’t want to cope with cold drafts and the higher heating bill, then buy injectable or roll caulking materials at local hardware stores. You can also add these materials to other areas such as the holes around water pipes, and switch plates. Applying it is easy and there are many DIY videos out there to help you get started.

Dislodging Difficult Clogs in Toilets or Sink Drains

One of the most frequent repairs needed in an older apartment is dislodging a difficult clog in a toilet or sink drain. You should buy two rubber-tipped plungers to have ready whenever a clog occurs. Use one to get rid of toilet clogs and another for sink clogs. You can also try simple remedies like boiling water and baking soda to cut through thick clogs. If you are unable to get a clog moving through the pipes underneath kitchen and bathroom fixtures, South West Plumbing recommends you talk to a professional who can help diagnose the issue.

Fixing Floor, Countertop, or Bathroom Wall Tiles

If you have a loose floor, countertop, or bathroom wall tile coming loose, it is a quick item to fix with the right adhesives and techniques. For countertop and bathroom wall ceramic tiles, you need to buy a specialized grouting material and sealant from local home improvement stores. You need different types of adhesives for floor tiles that depend on whether it is a hardwood or laminated material. If you don’t know the type of adhesive needed, then bring the tile along to ask a salesperson for advice.

Filling Small Holes in Drywall

Whether you are redecorating and moving around artwork, or have an accident with the door handle, drywall holes can occur easily in an older apartment. You should understand how to make this simple repair. Small holes in drywall are quick to fix with spackling compound that is ready-made and sold in plastic containers. Use a flat spatula tool, or your fingers to apply this substance to a hole. After it dries completely, paint over the spackling to make the surface look beautiful.

Most landlords are happy when tenants make repairs to their apartments because it keeps the building looking nice, and is less cost to them. But you should always check a lease first to understand the rules. Make your life a little easier by learning these easy repairs.



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