4 Tips and Tricks to Creating a More Energy Efficient Home

4 Tips and Tricks to Creating a More Energy Efficient Home
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    Regardless of the geographical location and climate where your home is located, you may feel as though you spend a small fortune on your energy bills.


Saving money on energy costs is a top priority for many, but you may think that you need to drastically alter your lifestyle in order to see a significant reduction in energy costs. While this is one strategy to take, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that you may be able to save several hundred dollars per year or more on energy costs by following a few helpful tips. Many homeowners will spend a significant amount of money upgrading their home with everything from new barn door hardware to new flooring, counters and more. While you want to improve the look of your property from time to time, it is also important to upgrade it from a functional standpoint as well. These are some relatively affordable and easy tips that can help you to make your home more energy efficient.

Pay Attention to Vampire Energy Consumption

Vampire energy loss is a special term that relates to energy that appliances and equipment use when the machines are not actually being used. For example, the television and DVD player are plugged in and continue to use a small amount of electricity even when you are not actively using them for entertainment. They may use energy while you are away from home at work or on vacation or even while you sleep at night. These are only a few of the types of machines that use a trace amount of energy when not in use, and this vampire energy consumption can add up over the course of a year and when all of the sources of vampire energy consumption are taken into account.

Saving electricity use is one way to reduce energy consumption – another way is becoming a green home. May we invite you to view our green energy home section for “everything green” energy. And may we ask you to give this article a quick comment/share to your friends and family as a holiday read.

Unplugging these appliances and equipment is a smart way to save money. An easy way to do this with your computer, home entertainment system and other electrical components is to plug them into a power strip. Then, you simply have to flip the switch on the power strip to stop the drain of energy rather than unplug all of the appliances and equipment.

Replace Your Light Bulbs

You may not think that a small light bulb will use a lot of energy, but in reality, you may burn many bulbs in your home for hours each evening. There have been some great innovations in light bulbs over the years, and some of the top models now available with an ENERGY STAR rating can drastically reduce energy consumption related to lighting. These bulbs are also designed to last longer.

While they do have a higher up-front cost to purchase, you will save money on energy costs and replacement costs over the years. Some will replace all light bulbs at the same time, and others will make this upgrade as needed when light bulbs burn out.



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