How to do Air Conditioner Maintenance Work

How to do Air Conditioner Maintenance Work
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    Maintaining your air conditioner will not only save you money and energy but will also prolong its lifespan.

    A huge saving will be on the money saved on repair and service parts replacements.


An air conditioner (AC) consists of a furnace, heat pumps which cool or heats, an interior evaporator and blower as a single interior unit and an outdoor unit that has a condenser coil and compressor. The following steps will guide you to do a comprehensive service maintenance on your AC.

1. Switch of power.

An AC uses electricity and has rapidly moving parts. Turning Off power is safe. The outdoor unit has shut off box near the unit and turn off power on the breaker box inside the house.

2. Clean out the dirt.

Open the external unit, remove the fan cage and using the right screwdriver or wrench, remove the fasteners and the fan grill or cage depending on your model away from the top. Use a dry/ wet vacuum to clean out leaves and debris from the interior of the cage.

3. Wash the fins.

Use a water hose to clean the fins from the inside to blast out any built up dirt or debris. You can use a fin cleaning spray if the fins are exceptionally dirty.

4. Straighten out the fins.

A reduction in airflow will reduce the efficiency of the AC, use a butter knife or a fin straightening tool to straighten out any bent fins.
Make sure you do not ruin the embedded tubing within the fins.

5. Clear the area around the exterior unit.

Cleaning the area around the unit minimizes the amount of debris that can collect inside the unit. Make sure there is no vegetation or blockage within a 3 feet radius of the unit. Otherwise, air-flow will be hampered.

6. Level the condenser

Level using a spirit level the condenser. A condenser that is not leveled will cause the compressor inside. Confirm that the condenser is leveled, and you have placed some slim blocks of stone underneath the unit to maintain the correct level.

7. Clean the Evaporator coil.

Clean the indoor unit is the next step. Open the evaporator coil door by removing the insulating duct tape and bolts. Using a soft cloth, dust off and spray the evaporator coil with a commercially available no-rinse coil cleaner. Using hot water, soap, and some bleach, clean out the drain pan. To reduce the growth of algae and to maintain the drain clear for a longer time, place a drain pan tablet in the pan.
If the bleach solution is able to flow smoothly, you can skip the next step. Return the coil door in place, the screws and the duct tape.

8. Cleaning a blocked Evaporator drain.

A drain pipe that is blocked or plugged can flood the floor or cause the system to stop cooling to avoid flooding if it is fitted with a drain float. Find the end of the drain line and use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to clean out the drain pipe for 4-5 minutes which will clear the drain of any growing biological matter.

9. Change the blower filter.

An air filter on your HVAC system should be changed at least twice per year. Before the cooling and heating seasons begin. An old air filter should be replaced with a new air filter with the same air flow ratings. Locate the filter enclosure on the indoor AC where the large air duct enters the unit. Use a tool to turn the latch on the door to open the filter enclosure. Remove the old filter and replace it with a new one. Close the door and turn the latch to lock it.

10. Turn the power on

Turn the power back on and ascertain that the whole system is working well.

You have successfully cleaned and done some basic maintenance work on your AC. However, it is advisable to engage the services of a qualified technician to check on the system periodically. Maintenance work is a significant challenge to many people, partly because of lack of relevant and practical step by step information on how to do maintenance work. We hope and trust that this article has been of help to you. Share this page on your Facebook page, Twitter and LinkedIn account. You will be helping many people.

For more information in maintenance work on your AC or HVAC you can visit this page

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