A look at Some Useful Energy Saving Tips

A look at Some Useful Energy Saving Tips
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    Homeowners have what it takes to save energy and money right in their own homes.

    Saving energy minimizes the nation’s overall demand for resources required to generate energy.


Homeowners have what it takes to save energy and money right in their own homes. Saving energy minimizes the nation’s overall demand for resources required to generate energy. Through making energy-efficient choices, an individual can save energy as well as money in terms of power bills without having to give up the comforts of home. Below are some useful energy saving tips.

Switch off Unused Appliances

It is advisable to switch off any electrical appliances after a person is done using them. For instance, a computer running around the clock can utilize about $150 worth of electricity over a period of five years. This is about three times more that would have been the case if the computer was put to sleep when not being used.

This highlights the importance of switching off household devices and lights when done, whether they are TVs, game consoles or computers. A person can also enable the sleep mode’ feature of his or her computer. This will allow it to use much less amount of power during periods of inactivity.

Control Temperature

Another useful tip involves taking control of temperature, such as by setting the thermostat. For instance, a homeowner can set his or her thermostat to about 58 degrees or less during the day. The thermostat can be set at 55 degrees at night or when there is no one at home.

During summertime, it can be set at 78 degrees or more. On sunny days, it is advisable to leave blinds and shades open while closing them at night in order to minimize the amount of heat lost via windows. The blinds and shades can be closed in the summer or when the air conditioning is being used.

Use LED Bulbs

Light emitting diode (LED) bulbs are recommended as they work excellently and utilize up to 85% less energy to deliver a similar amount for lighting. Modern LED light bulbs are available in virtually any light level, flavor or shape that a homeowner can desire. Also, they achieve full brightness instantly and can direct the light exactly where the user wishes it to.

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When new, such a bulb goes for as little as $5 at an average shopping mall. Thanks to its long life and efficiency, it can save a huge amount over its lifetime. Additionally, an individual should not forget to flick the switch when leaving a room. This is because a typical commercial building utilizes more energy for lighting than for anything else.

Measure Electricity Use

For a homeowner to know how to save energy, it is important for him or her to measure the energy used. Electricity monitor meters measures the amount of energy used by each gadget in a home. By finding out the amount of energy being used, it is possible to cut down on power consumption. Homeowners are advised to share this article on social networking websites. This will help other homeowners save a lot of energy.



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