Interior Lighting: How to Arrange It like a Pro

Interior Lighting: How to Arrange It like a Pro
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    Interior lighting is one of the most important interior design components.

    It has a huge impact on the overall impression a room makes, strongly influences the atmosphere and sets the mood.


If used properly it emphasizes all positive interior design features and can be efficiently used to cover those less appealing. The best way to approach interior lighting is to use different solutions for various rooms since their original purpose differs significantly. Here is how to arrange it like a pro.



Bathroom is best described as a task room and in order to be perfectly lit a combination of various light sources needs to be used. Sidelights are the best solution around the mirrors for make-up routines, shaving and facial hygiene, ceiling fixture will guarantee that there are no shadows and provide overall luminosity while carefully placed task lights provide accents, for example in the shower. Consider a dimmable option, bathroom is the first room we enter in the morning and the last to go to before bed and lower lights are often more suitable to set us in the proper mood.


A bedroom needs to provide the highest possible relaxation mood and lighting plays an important role in making it possible. Bright lights have no place there so cross out any ceiling fixtures. Reading lamps will provide sufficient luminosity both for reading and dressing up if they are not angled directly to the bed. A small table lamp with low wattage bulb will create a candlelight effect and if you want to further enhance the romantic mood, you should definitely consider these solutions

Living room

Living room is a center of family activity in the house. A central ceiling fixture is an option and will work here but it strongly limits the dynamics that could be achieved using different lighting solutions. If you decide not to use a ceiling fixture, here is what you should do. Use down glowing lights to provide as many reading spots as possible. Make sure you search for floor lamps online and find a suitable one for any corner that is shaded. Combine them with omnidirectional table lamps and you will surely have enough light throughout the living room and at the same time avoid too much brightness.

Dining room

Dining table is the center of attention here and it needs to receive a special lighting treatment. It needs to be under a direct light and the best way to provide this is to use an overhead pendant or a chandelier. 100 to 150 watts in total will surely suffice. When the rest of the room is concerned, it should be discretely lit using proportionally placed table and floor lamps. Interior cabinet lighting will provide interesting effect as well and contribute to the overall design as well.


Just like with the bathroom, the kitchen is a task oriented room and it should be treated as such when lighting is concerned. Central ceiling fixture is at home here since the kitchen frequently needs to be thoroughly cleaned and all corners and spots need to be well illuminated in order not to miss anything. Dimmable option is again preferred to scale the light down when the cleaning is over. When tasks are concerned, under cabinet lights wall fixtures and pendants will provide the best light for working surfaces.


There are several solutions when it comes to corridor lighting. If it is merely a place to keep your clothes and footwear in, a low wattage bulb inside a flush mount will be the easiest solution. On the other hand, if the corridor features an art collection or flower exhibition, a completely different approach is needed. Track lights directed at the items on display or sconces fixed beside them will focus the attention on both flowers and artwork. Recessed overhead lights will provide additional luminosity if needed.    

Obviously, lighting needs to be carefully planned and well thought of in order to achieve the desired effect. Know your needs, implement these suggestions accordingly and you will surely be pleased. Properly chosen lighting will make a world of difference in every room of the house and every family member and visitor will surely see the difference.



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