4 Climates Especially Prone to Home Pest Infiltration

4 Climates Especially Prone to Home Pest Infiltration


No homeowner likes to share their cozy spaces with unwelcome pests. That unwanted pile of droppings in the pantry or the rustling in your walls fill many with dread. While any home in any climate can be susceptible to pest invasion, there are some climates significantly more prone to home pest infiltration.

Wet and Cold Climates

Animals, like people, seek high and dry ground when the surroundings get wet. In areas with extended wet seasons, many animals will seek shelter in the dryness of your home. To help prevent and spot a pest invasion before it gets too bad, watch for leaky spots. If water can get in, so can bugs. If you spot a leaky roof or a crack in your basement, spray around these areas to prevent the bugs from coming in. Watch for leaks especially when ice starts to thaw, as the expanding and contracting can make the cracks even larger.

Wet and Warm Climates

Wet and warm, or tropical, climates are especially susceptible to a very wide and varied range of pests. Since the climate can support abundant life year-round, there is often not an “off season” when many pests die out. Be on the look out for signs of pests in your home. If you suspect an infestation, watch closely and don’t hesitate to call in a pest control company in Temecula or your specific locale. If the surroundings are right, pests can multiply incredibly fast.

Cold Climate

Just like the wetness can drive pests indoors, so can the cold. Many rodents may choose to take up residence in your home during the cold months. Help prevent this from happening by keeping the foundation of your home free from sticks, brush, and fallen leaves. If you leave these things against your foundation, it provides an appealing shelter for pests that could eventually work their way into your home.

Hot and Dry Climates

Desert climates are not immune from pest problems. In climates where the weather is traditionally hot and dry, this may lead to leaving windows open. An open window is like an open invitation to pests to take up residence. Snakes, lizards, scorpions, and bugs are all common pests to seek refuge in homes in hot climates.

If pests have invaded your home, consider contacting a professional for help and advice. No two houses, no two environments, and no two situations are identical.



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