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Hardwood Flooring vs. Carpeting

Most home renovation projects include decisions about flooring. These may range from simply refreshing existing flooring by refinishing or cleaning it to replacing the floors from the subfloor up.


Finding the Flooring for You: Pros and Cons of Carpet, Hardwood, and Tile

If you are looking for new flooring for your home, it can seem overwhelming at first. After all, your floors are one of the first things people will notice about your home.


Tips to Procure Cheap Carpets

Tweet The fabric and the intricate work that goes on to make a carpet determine its price. Generally, the terms “carpet” and “rug” are used interchangeably. However, there is a


Awesome 2014 Floor Plans for Your Suburban Home

There are few home improvement projects that can make as much of a difference to your home as floor coverings can. The floor plan choices seem endless while answering to your sense of aesthetics or providing the right feel for the room.


Five Flooring Options That Will Add Extra Flair to Your Home

Savvy interior designers often focus their attention on flooring when deciding how to decorate a room because it’s a feature that has a huge impact on the room’s mood and atmosphere.


How to Find the Right Carpet for Your New Room

Tweet Although carpet requires a little more maintenance than a hardwood or tile floor, it is very durable and can last through many years of wear.  Carpet can be used


What Goes Underfoot: Choosing the Right Floors for Your New Home

Tweet This article will cover a broad spectrum of options, providing the basic details for each, so you can make the most informed choice possible.  Vinyl Flooring While this is


The Many Types of Flooring

With the summer finally here, you may be thinking about performing a home improvement project. Like most, you may be thinking about changing the floors in your home, but what you’re finding out is there are a lot of flooring options to choose from.


Shaw “Dream It Do It” Fall Flooring Sale Inspired by Home Renovators

Tweet When Virginia Smith, of Knoxville, Tenn., finally had the time and money to replace her old, tired carpet, she knew exactly what she’d choose to replace it. With nearly

Bed and Bath

6 Bathroom Updates on a Budget

Tweet With you and your spouse working side by side, you can update your bathroom in a weekend and enjoy your refreshed room by Monday. 1. Replace the mirror –