How to Make Your Bathroom Sparkle

How to Make Your Bathroom Sparkle
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    Homeowners often wonder how to make their homes shine when guests come around.

    It's no secret: competition can be fierce to have the most sparkly, shiny home, and one room that should certainly sparkle is the bathroom.


A glowing bathroom shows off both your home decor and your cleaning skills, and people will feel most impressed by a bathroom that sparkles.

You are always limited at least in part by the layout of your house, but there are some simple techniques you can use to make any bathroom sparkle. Here are some tips to make your bathroom match the ambiance of the rest of your home.

Use White Cabinetry

While not everyone is interested in replacing their bathroom fixtures, if you’re already renovating, you can take the chance to make your bathroom truly shine. Rather than choosing duller colours when you’re replacing cabinets, opt for white cabinets. They will require a little more maintenance and cleaning work, but when they are kept clean, they truly look brighter than any other option. White wood and stone are both excellent materials for countertops, cabinets, and so on. While you’re at it, make sure the fixtures like drawer handles, taps, and so on are all shiny. A quick vinegar scrub will make them glisten like new, or you can replace older, rusty fixtures with new ones.

Hang Several Mirrors

Small rooms in particular have a tendency to feel dull even when brightly lit. If you want to make your room sparkle, use plenty of mirrors in the decor. In addition to the mirror above your sink, you could have a smaller mirror on another wall or a full-length mirror, depending on the size and layout of your bathroom. Mirrors help reflect light and make a room seem larger and more inviting. If your bathroom is small, don’t overdo the mirrors, but try adding one extra mirror to the room besides your standard mirror above the sink. Another advantage of using mirrors: people get to see themselves and preen, making them feel more positive about their surroundings.

Use Candles or Soft Light

Harsh, artificial lighting makes any room look dull. Make sure your lighting is soft and gentle. One great way to make a bathroom shine is by using candles – probably not as the main lighting source, but as a supplement. Some people opt for tea light holders on the wall or a pillar candle on a countertop. All kinds of candles will help soften the glow of your room. If you are using energy-efficient light bulbs, make sure they are soft and not harsh, too.

Making your bathroom glow will impress your guests and help you feel great about your home. Ensure your bathroom is sparkling before that next dinner party in order to get lots of compliments on your house and your attention to detail. Choosing the right decorations, fixture colours, and lighting turns any bathroom from a dull, confined space to a bright but warm place. Someone might even ask for your home decor advice

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