Simply Decorated: Your Home’s Bathroom

Simply Decorated: Your Home’s Bathroom
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    A zen or "meditative" look to your home can give it the serenity you seek as you escape to your sanctuary.

    A home that is cluttered can cause much stress while one that is simple, yet ordered can bring forth a much more relaxed mood.


Zen decor involves removing the unnecessary, while maintaining the significant, a way of living that can be applied to your bathroom.

1. Remove the clutter. A bathroom evoking a zen-like theme is one that is free of clutter. That means storing away items that you do not need at the moment including toilet paper, toiletries and the like. Counter tops should have only the bare essential items including hand soap, with everything else placed out of sight.

2. Simplify your furnishings. Your main bath has a counter, a toilet and a bath. Beyond that, there is little else you need to keep in that room to make it functional. Keep your waste basket and your toilet brush, but begin to go through those old items in drawers and under the sink. Read the labels for your personal effects and medicines, tossing what has expired or giving away what you do not need. The idea here is to find what you need when you need it without stressing over things that are not required.

3. What your walls say. Bathroom walls that are busy, electric or otherwise stimulating can run contrary to your mediative outlook. Plan to makeover your bathroom by choosing soft and muted colors that give the room a calming look. Match the items in your bathroom with the walls or choose a slightly different shade for visual interest.

4. Lavish your bathroom with towel sets. Your bathroom towels should be large, soft and employ muted colors. Those colors should complement your bathroom’s decor and include sets of bath towels, hand towels and wash clothes. Fold and stack towel sets and place these under the sink. You can also set out towels on towel racks, place them on shelves or inside of a wicker basket if you have the room.

5. Consider your flooring. Bathroom flooring can add or take away from your room’s appeal. Pebble bath tiles come in a variety of colors and provide a natural look that Zen-seeking uses want according to HGTV. These tiles make use of smooth pebbles that are attached to mesh backing.

6. Use plants and candles. Live plants can help make your bathroom seem like an outdoor paradise, but lighting restrictions may weigh in. Fortunately, there are a number of low-light plants that can thrive in your sanctuary including peace lily, orchid, begonia, bamboo and aloe vera notes Apartment Therapy. If you need a low-maintenance option, both philodendron and spider plants can thrive. Accent your bathroom with votive candles that can be placed on counters and other flat surfaces. Store these candles away until used.

Zen Design Considerations

Your budget may be limited, but your imagination can still carry you to a reflective place. Consider replacing your shower curtain with a bamboo-themed design, a look that can also grace your window. Use natural soaps, shampoos and cleansers too, to maintain a chemical-free environment at all times.



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