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4 Bathroom Improvements That Make It More Enjoyable

Bathrooms, old and new are what home comfort is all about. No matter what shape your bathroom is in, this multi-purpose space has the potential to provide a multi-purpose area to answer the call.

Just Bath

Luxury Bathroom Decor Essentials and Inspirations

A bathroom isn’t just a place to wash and take care of your daily needs. It is a sanctuary where you’re safe from all the troubles and stress of the world.

Home Renovation

Decking out Your Dream House: 4 Home Additions for Your Next Remodel

If you’ve just purchased a new home you were probably planning a list of renovation projects the first time you looked at it. Available funds or limited DIY skills could force you to set priorities and scale back your plans.

Just Bath

Inspirational Bathroom Design Ideas for 2017 That You’ll Love

Everyone wants to make their home as comfy and pleasant as possible. Still, new and fresh style ideas always seem easier to implement when it comes to the living room, bedroom and kitchen.

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6 Steps To Keeping Your Bathroom Tiles Clean

Tweet A dirty bathroom is not just an eyesore; it is also a health hazard. Many bathrooms have tiles that are practical and economical. They are also easy to clean

Home Interior

5 Big Home Improvements That Add Value to Your Home

Are you planning to rent out or sell your home in the near future or just improving the look? Then you might want to prepare yourself as early as possible.

Just Bath

Bathroom Remodel: 5 Renovations You Just Can’t Miss

The bathroom is often one of the easiest rooms in the home to remodel because of its size. However, because of the plumbing and the tight quarters, it can sometimes pose difficulties if there is more than one or two people working on the job at one time.

Just Bath Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Dec 18: At Least It Is Not An Outhouse!

Tweet bath sinks • above counter sinks & countertop sinks • drop-in sinks • undermount sinks & vessel sinks Let’s View Compare Bath Sinks air tubs • clawfoot tubs •

Home Renovation

Quick Checklist: 5 Renovation Ideas for Your Family Home

As a homeowner, one of the most important things you must do is to occasionally renovate your home.

Just Bath

4 Essential Tips to Maximize Space in a Cramped Bathroom

Tweet When you optimize these spaces you automatically benefit the members of your family by creating a relaxed and refreshed atmosphere. A spacious and functional bathroom is a big draw

Just Bath

Bathroom Safety – Essential Elements and Safety Devices

Tweet Bathroom safety should be a priority for every home. If you have young children or old people at home, you may need to take extreme safety measures, to avoid

Home Interior

Simple DIY Home Improvement Projects for Under $100

Most people think of home improvements as simple do-it-yourself projects that require a little bit of money, some creativity, and cheap supplies. There is a fine line between creative and tacky and if you are thinking of redoing your house in some way or the other, you need to really think about why and how the overall result will affect the rest of your home.

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Quick Checklist:     Taking Your Bathroom to the Next Level

When updating your home and remodeling the property, there are a number of changes to be made to transform the look of the interior setting. From the crown molding to the paint on the walls, all of the features will create a new style for a home that shines.

Just Bath

Relaxing Bath: How to Change Your Bathroom into a Spa

When it comes to your overall home décor, the bathroom is an integral part of your space. It should not be ignored or neglected. While it may cost a little to invest in your bathroom, this is one area where upgrades actually boost the value of your home.

Just Bath

Bathe in Peace: 4 Steps to a Luxurious Bathroom

Since escaping to a spa isn’t an option that is readily available, creating a luxurious bathroom is often the best way to enjoy a relaxing, luxurious, spa-like experience in your home.

Home Structure

5 Indoor Upgrades to Do to Your Home This Winter

Just because the cold weather comes in doesn’t mean an end to your chances of doing some home improvement work. Oftentimes it can be the best times to get some specific projects taken care of.

Home Buying-Selling

Home Buying Challenges: Overcoming Your Personal Reservations

It is true: when you shop for a home you’ll come across one or more that meet your criteria, but also have at least one flaw. Those flaws may be a deal breaker, but they do not have to be.


8 Smart and Easy Home Cleaning Tips

Keeping your home clean can seem like a challenge. Even more challenging is finding the time to get the work done.

General News

Aging in Place or Senior Housing: Considerations

Your home is your castle, but as you age it may seem more like a prison than a place to reside. For millions of Americans, the transition from their home to senior housing seems inevitable.

Home Renovation

How to Survive a Home Renovation Project

Tweet In reality, home renovation projects require much patience and not a little resolve on the part of homeowners. Managing your expectations is essential too as well as showing much