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What Patio Umbrella Benefits are You Missing out on This Summer?

Tweet If you have a patio or deck, then you should have a patio umbrella. If you don’t, then get one! Summer is coming, along with the intense heat rays.


Spring Is On It’s Way: 4 Tips For Prepping Your Yard For A Summer Of Dreams

Tweet If you really want your home and yard to be perfect and prepared for summer all you have to do is put in some extra effort. With spring and

Yard and Garden

Here are 5 Fun Lawn Games for Summer With Your Kids

Tweet Bring Me To The Lawn This Summer After staying at home for a long time, summer is the best time to convene with friends without worrying anything about academic

Outdoor Structures

15 Ways to Create a Summer Playground in Your Backyard – Part 2

Tweet 6. Build a giant treehouse Treehouses have undying charm and make cozy little nooks. Your children will enjoy many hours in them. Tree climbing will occupy them while you

Outdoor Structures

15 Ways to Create a Summer Playground in Your Backyard – Part 1

Tweet 1. Spray paint your lawn for a game of Twister. Twister is a perennial family favorite. It provides exhilarating fun and bonding opportunities. One way to turn your backyard

Garden Furniture

You Can Save Money on Summer Outdoor Furniture

With summer now behind us, you will soon be putting all of your outdoor furniture away. Then again, if you’re tired of your current set and really don’t want to store it only to bring it out again next spring, you can sell your set and buy new furniture instead. Like right now.


How to Avoid Summer Home Improvement Scams

Tweet Be watchful or get ripped off! By John Smith During the warm summer months, many homeowners will take the time to work on various home improvement projects. This is

Garden Maintenance

4 Summer Yard Care Tips

Tweet Get your rest, but not at the expense of your lawn. Enjoy your vacation and your slower pace of life, but keep an eye on your property or have


Perking Up Your Porch

Tweet Begin by reacquainting yourself with the pieces of furniture and other accessories you already have – perhaps a swing, chairs, small fountain, etc. Decide which pieces are in great